Yum Yum Yummy

Yum Yum Yummy
Li Ho Yee

     Title of this newspaper is ‘ Yum Yum Yummy ‘ which is about a Cafe shop.  It is an Italian-style in Hong Kong.
   Focaccia, which is not a common dessert dish is a good choice for everyone to eat after lunch.  In my opinion, after eating lunch, if you can eat various kinds of dessert, you will enjoy very much.  When you go to an Italian-style Cafe shop, you can try different typical Italian food like paninos, calzones, pasta or cakes.  You can try the Italian coffee, which is called cappuecino.  It is a very well-known dessert.
   In Europe, lots of people would like to have break after lunch.  They always will enjoy the tea.  They love coffee including some dessert.  They will really enjoy their lives.

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One Response to Yum Yum Yummy

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    cho yiu 4D 21撰寫: I agree with you. I also very like to eat dessert. And I also like to have break after lunch. It is because I think that the break can make you relaxed. That can make you have a good digestion. It is healthy for our body. So, I will let me have a break after lunch when it is a holiday.5 月 2 日 Yee Lin撰寫: Actually cafe shop is my favourite because of the fact that there are various kinds of dessert which are tasty that I like it very much.Recently , I learn about the english coffee name which call lita and cappuccino.It is so attractive that I always drink it.Last but not least, the way I see that The cafe will me the most popular place for the teenage and the prize will be cheaper and cheaper.3 月 28 日 Yee Lin撰寫: The dessert in the shop look really delicious. And they are the dessert which is Italian dessert. But, I think must really expensive. So, If I become a rich man, I think I will go to there have a high tea very often. and I will go to many country to try their food and take a competition in Hong Kong. Maybe Hong Kong will more delicious than there. 3 月 26 日 YICHIng撰寫: yes,I agree with you.However,I don\’t would like to have break after lunch.I would like to have a break after my busy time.I will eat different kinds of dessert and drink a tea which is made by China.It can make me relaxed.I enjoy it very much.3 月 26 日 練智華撰寫: Yes, I agree with you. Also, I think that the Italian desserts are very delicious. In addition, the cafe in now in Hong Kong are extremely popular. Many Hong Kong people wanted to go to the cafe and tried some Italian food. But, I have never trying to have a Italian food,it is because I think that the Italian food in Hong Kong is very expensive.3 月 26 日 lukhoi man撰寫: I agree with you. Nowadays, the Italian style is very popular. We can see many kinds of things about Italy such as dessert, food in many restaurants. In many kinds of Italy desserts, I like Tirasimsu the most. As Tirasimsu is very well known in Italy, Many Italian like to eat it. Because of the Tirasimsu, I like anything about Italy-style.3 月 25 日 WonG撰寫: Thank for your sharing. In my opinion, I think that the Italian-style Cafe shop is very popular in the world. Moreover, the dessert and the Italian coffee are so delicious which is expensive too. Therefore, I think that I need spend more money now if I try to eat them.3 月 25 日



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