Why shoot him?

Why shoot him?
Lai Wai Shun

This news is about a vagrant attacked a police with a wooden chair in Ma Tau Wai Service Reservoir Playground at 2 Sheung Wo Street, near Mau Sun Chuen Pumping Station, just opposite Lok Man Sun Chuen in Ho Man Tin.  Why the man attacked the police?  It is because the police have a nuisance complaint to the man, who had been sleeping rough on a hillside in Ho Man Tin.

After the case, police chiefs explained the case to the public.  He said that the police tried to check the man’s identity but the man did not want that then he lashed out with his fists and then with the chair.  Then the police wanted to use the pepper spray and the baton to stop the man but he couldn’t.  So he drew his revolver after warning and fired two shots, one of which hit the man’s head. 

Finally, the man died in Queen Elizabeth Hospital at 6:43pm – six hours after he was shot.  And the police couldn’t find the ID card or any document on him.

In my opinion, I think the man did not the right of abode in Hong Kong that was the reason why he attacked the police who wanted to check his identity.  And I think that the police did not need to kill the man since the man just used the wooden chair, and the police already used the pepper spray and the baton.  So he should not use the gun then the man would not die.

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One Response to Why shoot him?

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    KENGMAN撰寫: Why shoot him ? I was quite disapointed about that .It was not inevitable.For instance, that police can call to other polices and ask for help.I believe that it will be more effecient .The problem will be solved by polices if they can cooperate .Each police need training more and learning how to deal with the problem in emergency. Additional ,they should be thoughtful and concern about public\’s safety. The responsibility of them is helping people in need and protect people. It was a adversity .I was sad.3 月 28 日 laiwai shun撰寫: :TAM KA HOI agree with you.I thing the police shounld\’t the man,since he have mang kinds of methods to stop the man,he no need to stop the man through shoot the man.So, I think this the event was very unlucky 3 月 26 日 long ching撰寫: However,I think the police is right.He try all the weapons to call him to put down the chair.But he still hold the chair.The police need to protect himself so he shoot the gun.It is a normal reaction for eveyone.After that,the police still hurt.If he don\’t shoot the gun,I think he would hurt seriously.Thus,your safety is the most important that we need to keep an eye on it.3 月 25 日 Kei Kit撰寫: When policeman check ypur ID Card I think that the man should give the ID Card to the policeman . It is because if you don\’t give the ID Card to the policeman,the policemsn will catch you to the police station.If you don\’t have the ID Card , you should surrender.And you should not use some weapon to attack the policeman. It is very dangerous.But I think that the policeman was very frightened at that time .Thus , I think that this case was very sadden.3 月 25 日 Wai Chiu撰寫: I think so.It is because a police has enough to put a stop to the man.And then he can use the pepper spray to the man.He does not need to shoot the man.He only feels the man menaced his life.He has not think if he shot the man what happen would be happen.He only used the chair to attack the police.He has no enough power to kill the police.The police can calmed the man down.But the truth is what .Only the police and the man know.So I don\’t think anyone is right. 3 月 25 日 黃君鴻撰寫: In fact, many people will do many different kinds of thing that we can\’t imagine it since they are very confident. They absolutely do not feel sad if they do somethings. Such as killing people. It shows that we can\’t bother it since we don\’t when or where it will happen.3 月 24 日 Ho Pui撰寫: I agree with you. I think that the event was very unlucky. It was because the man just used the woodern chair to attack the police. Also, I think that his weapon was not very dangerous. But, I think that the police was very frigtened at that time. So, he killed the man. So, the event was very unlucky.Sin Ho Pui3 月 24 日



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