Why not shoot him?

Why not shoot him?
Ng Wing Cho
Last Tuesday, there was a man in HO MAN TIN who was very suspicious. So, a police constable wanted to investigate him. Thus, it caused this tragedy.

This case was so controversial that many people discussed it. The police wanted to check the man’s identity but the man refused it and also lashed out his fists to attack the police. Moreover, he struck the police with the chair . It was very cruel .Thus, the police used his baton to subdue the man but he failed. He tried to subdue with pepper spray. However, the man still attacked him. If the police could not stop the man, he would die. He drew his gun to shoot the man. He fired two shots, only one shot hit the man’s head.

In fact, it is very dangerous since the man is crazy. If I were the police, I would shoot him because he was crazy. If he continued to attack me and I could not resist, I would die. According to the ordinance, as long as I used the baton and pepper spray, I can use the gun. It is illegal so I will not regret it though the man died. Furthermore, the man is a vagrant. Therefore, the police is right.

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One Response to Why not shoot him?

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    maki撰寫: I don\’t think that is a right way to subdue some offenders since they are just a man without any weapon. Maybe he is just scared of police. But the police used a gun to shoot a man with a chair and his fists. Do they really need to do that? I don\’t think so. I think the police should talk to him with clear mind so that he can subdue easily and make the offenders konw that nobody wants to hurt.So I think that the police does not need to shoot that guy. 5 月 13 日 KC(離線)撰寫: yiu ka chun 4b 36if i were the police,i must shoot the men.since the man use chair to attack me.to protect my safety.may be i have the same thinking with you.i think that if i do not shoot the man.i will die too.moreover,the men attack the police with no reason.for the own safety , the police should shoot him and it is illegal to attack the police unreasonable.4 月 1 日



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