Walk for Your Health

Walk for Your Health

Tao Yin Lam Gloria

 I’ve read an article about stepping as exercise. In my point of view, it is suitable for people in any age at any time, what it needs is a pair of legs. As we know, citizens in Hong Kong live under great pressure, every second is not allowed to be wasted, therefore, more people suffered from heart disease and diabetes due to lack of exercise. To tackle the problem, I suggest that Hongkongers climb stairs instead of taking the lift, students can go to school on foot. In a research, we find that the time needed to take the lift was obviously longer than that required to use the stairs going both up and down, the result showed that it helps us saving time. Furthermore, people with enough exercise can promote a better performance in our work.
To conclude, no matter how busy are we, take a balance between exercise and work is a must.

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