Twilight fever

Twilight fever
Lau Yee Lin
On December 18 ,the movie Twilight has gained quite a following in Hong Kong.  The chief actor Edward Cullen made many girls crazy since he has a handsome face.  But,I don’t really agree to that.  It is because I think that his handsome face is made by cosmetics.  This ffilm is talks about a girl fal in love with a boy who is a bloodsucker.  And the boy’s family argees with their love.  His family likes her too.  They try to protect her.

I also watched this film.  And I think this film is very good.  I like it very much.  This film has not finished yet.  I must watch the next part when it play in Hong Kong.

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One Response to Twilight fever

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    kwan in撰寫: Vampire is a popular topic for comics and fancy films. The vampire in this film tries very hard to control himself not to hurt humans. It has shown the hope that there would be no differences between all the race. 2 月 20 日 TongKa Nok撰寫: I think that girls have told too much about Edward\’s face. I know and agree with their opinion but we can just admire the plot. It is about vampires\’ love. In fact i am really glad to saw Edward protecting Bella. Such a fairytale. So i decided to buy the whole set of Twilight and prepare the songs which are related to this film. 2 月 20 日 LauAllen(離線)撰寫: It is a great flim as it is extremely romantic . The girl does not care about what is the boy . She just know that she is falling in love . He also fight wait the other because of the girl . I recomment this flim to everyone . 2 月 19 日 ChanWai Chiu撰寫: Although i didi not watch the film, i can image the film is very good. And i agree that his handsome face is made by cosmetics. If the film has next part, i will spend some time on it 2 月 19 日 hoyibabi =3`撰寫: Twilight is a romentic film, the different with other films is falling in love with a bloodsucker.I think that it must have plenty of people would like to watch it.Not only that, but also it is so well-known that it has its own group in the facebook website.written by 4c lihoyi!2 月 19 日 TANGCHUNKIT(離線)撰寫: Twilight is a romantic film but i didn\’t see the film because I don\’t have a suitable friend to see the film with me. So, I was sad. However, the film I heard that is very toughing. And I agree that Edward is so handsome. I promise me that if it has a DVD, I must buy it to tough myself.2 月 19 日 laujames撰寫: James :i is not watch the film but many friends told me that the film was so amazing .I hear it the actor is a vampire and he love with a human girl.That make me thinks a lots about the love between any racial.I think that the film will be very romantic.2 月 19 日 tongyan yi撰寫: l agree with you . when l heard this film , l went to see it with my friengds immediately as it was very attractive and famous . also , this was a love story which between a girl anda vampire so it was very exciting and romantic . 2 月 19 日 LiNgWonG撰寫: After you introduce the film ,it is a special film since the film is about a girl fal in love with a boy who is a bloodsucker.I think it will be romantic.Therefore,I look forward to the movie Twilight in Hong Kong and I love it so much.2 月 19 日


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