Twilight fever

Twilight fever
Michelle Chan
Twilight was the popular film a month before. I had heard that my friends said “ that’s excellent!” after watching this film. After hearing their comments, I really  would like to watch this film. However , I didn’t do that. After reading this piece of newspaper , I regret very much. This film is about the love between human and vampire. The vampire tried his best to control his instincts and lust for blood. Although I hadnot watched it , I thought that it was a meaningful film. Many girls are obsessed with the handsome actor and there are several interesting Facebook groups related to Twilight. So we can see that how popular 
Twilight is . I know that there are 4books in the Twilight saga. I definitely will read the next novel in the series New Moon which will be filmed in November 2009.
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One Response to Twilight fever

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    NeverCanSeeYou撰寫: I think it is good. If i can have a chance to watch this, I think i will be happy. However. I cannot because I do not know anything before after reading this.2 月 19 日 long ching撰寫: It seems quite good. I am unhappy that I missed this film.But after I read your explaination, I know the summerise of the film.I think this is quite romantic.Lam Long Ching2 月 19 日


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