Too Much Pressure or What

Too Much Pressure or What

Hui Lok Yee Katrina


On 21st Nov, 2008, there was one more teacher put an end to her life by jumping down from her apartment. Three teachers committed suicide within these two months because of pressure. The posthumous papers left by the teacher who dead recently, stated that she experienced a huge stress from job. This was the main cause she took her own life. The news reported that teachers got depression since they worked extremely hard to stick at teaching standard demanded by school.

If teachers are facing stress, it affects the teaching. It further influences the next generation. It is a serious problem. Hong Kong government should take immediate action to tackle the problem. Inaction is not an option. I think reducing minimum number of students that school needed to recruit, from 30 to 20, is a way to solve the problem. It creates more teaching positions and reduces stress facing by teachers. There is no doubt to fix the problem and build a better campus for students.

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One Response to Too Much Pressure or What

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    ada撰寫: It is obvious that not only students have lots of stress but also teachers. There are many schools in Hong Kong which most of them at least have one social worker inside the school. But the social worker just focus on the students but not the teachers, they never estimate that teachers also have a lot of pressure. Therefore the teachers can\’t express their stress correctly and it leads to the increase number of teachers\’ suicide.Students always think that they are the only one who has pressure and they don\’t know when they got a bad result in the exam, teacher may feel unhappy. This is one of the reasons why they have negative feeling.I don\’t think reducing the minimum number of students is a good way to tackle the problem since the teachers have to create another teaching system that they will be more stressful. The government ought to stop the test or lower the standard of the test. Teacher can use more time to have a preparation before the lesson. Moreover, the school should pay more attention to the teachers and try to help them to face any difficulties. 1 月 1 日 S o N撰寫: Samson:  As a student, I have a lot of pressure, such as homework and exams. We often feel angry with the teachers as they give us too much homework. But we should think more about the teachers. Actually they have a larger workload than us. They have to mark all the homework of the students they teach, and spend time to prepare lessons and tests. So they face a bigger stress. Due to their identity, they would not search for help when they have a lot of pressure, and accumulate the pressure to a higher level. Eventually, they will feel depressed and find that committing suicude is the only way of solution. Also, their negative feeling will affect the teaching process. The relation between the teachers and the students will become worse. I suggest the teachers should see doctors if they have psychological problems. The students should behave well at school to reduce the pressure of teachers and rise the learning efficiency. The number of students in each class should reduce, in order to diminish the pressure of the teachers to a minimum level.12 月 22 日


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