The war bomb

The war bomb
Kelvin Leung Man Lok

Recently, a war-time bomb was found near the old Star Ferry pier in Central. It is the second case in the past two weeks. After the Japanese bomb, a British bomb which is six itches in diameter was also dug, experts estimated the bomb can explode a distance of 100 meters radius.

The bomb not only damage people during the war, but also may be dangerous in the future since it may explode at anytime. There may still have many bombs which can explode in a wide area have not been dug. The danger caused by those bombs must not be foreseen. The government must focus on the problem and find ways to minimize the number of unearthed bombs in order to protect the citizens. In the other hand, the construction workers should pay more attention when they are working since disaster may happen with any carelessness.

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One Response to The war bomb

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Hing 撰寫: After I read this article, I feel very terrible.It is because Hong Kong had bombs undergound and we cannot know that the bombs are where.If the bomb explode, it damages a lots of places and hurt people.I think the government should solve this terrible problems as soon as posible as the effect if the bomb explode is very serious and terrible.12 月 1 日 leungfung撰寫: After i read the article, i think Hong Kong is vry dangerous now. Because there is war bomb under the ground and the bomb may be easy to explode that will hurt to the people in Hong Kong. In the past, there is some bomb usually found in underground in Hong Kong that some news have talked about. So that there may be still some war bomb under the Hong Kong that are dangerous in Hong Kong and hurt the people. In my opinion, i think the government should do somethings to reduce the number to bomb in Hong Kong to protect the people in Hong Kong. 11 月 30 日 無名名撰寫: After i read your article,i feel really terrible,As i have heard about these news in the past!There are many construction workers dead caused by those undergrounded bomb.I believe that those bombs are remained after the war occured.Mary supervisors of different countries also wanted to win so they hid those bombs underground!I think those construction workers was so pitiful,because it is so innocent for their lives were lost!I strongly believe their families must be unhappy forever!On the other, i agree with your suggestion about the government should focus on this problem,and also should take some actions to concern and slove this problem.For example,he ought to arrange some profressional experts of distroying-bombs to deal with these hidden-bombs or design the advertisements on tv ,it can make them pay more attention on the place that they go!Actually, all of the citizen also should be careful !Especially,the construction workers!11 月 28 日 Ada Lau 撰寫: There are many news about discovery of the bomb from the end of the war to now. I strongly agree that the government should solve this problem as soon as possible since it exsit a very high risk of hurting the construction workers. In Hong Kong, there are many bombs which haven\’t find yet underground, if som building was built on the ground where have a underground bomb, the damage will come very serious when the bomb exploded. Many companies have many project to develop the region in this few years, and most of the land are used to build some shopping mall or flat. it is important that government should take action to find out all the bombs and it can prevent the injury of exploding .11 月 27 日 Jin 撰寫: It was a big problem that after war.Since it is hard to be discovered,it will have potential danger when people were finding the bomb.Hong kong\’s population has increased a lot during this 10 years,the house must be built in order to provide living place for people,so the land must be used.As the result,the bomb will be found.The Company can using some hi-tech tools to detect whether the bomb has dropped underground like using sonic.Otherwise ,it will cause a huge number of injuries.I think none want to hear this kinds of news.11 月 27 日 Katrina 撰寫: It understnadable that the Britian and Japan use bomb in the war. But after the war have finished , they should remove them . It\’s their resposibility.Although no one is harm by the bombs till now, it is still danger for the citizen. One day , if the workers hit the bomb by accident , it will cause an unpredictable damage. It may kill thousand of people in Hong Kong. The war have finished many years ago, Japan and Britain should remove their rubbish(the bomb) which may hurt the citizen as soon as possbile. The unforeseen effect is horrible. Thry should take action immediately. Don\’t wait until the last moment.11 月 24 日 吳呀豪撰寫: The impact of war somehow do not show immediately.It will affect the future and cause unpreditable damage.So we are lucky that we live in aplaces without war.Although the unboomed bombs are really dangerous.Positively ,the side-effect of war are not serious to us.Despite this, i think the country that left the bombs in HK should responsible for this issue as it almost damage the innocents.11 月 24 日


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