The Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival

Lin Chi Wa
The Rio Carnival –is the biggest, the best and the greatest party in world. The party is held in Brazil, It is extremely busy. The Rio Carnival is held four days before  Ash Wednesday, this carnival was about religion. The carnival parade is crowded with floats representing samba schools both local and distant. I think this carnival is extremely interesting and exciting, so I hope I can join this carnival when I grow up.
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One Response to The Rio Carnival

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Sarina撰寫: It\’s a wonderful active and I hope that I can also join them to have fun at the festival.Brizil a fantastic country,people there must be very enthusiastic.I think it is a good place for travelling,and if I can meet such a huge party that would be great.2 月 28 日 kwan in撰寫: Every festival is the reflection of different cultures. It shows the characteristic of its culture. As the biggest and the greatest festival in the world, the Rio Carnival shows Bazilian\’s passion. Although I haven\’t take part in this event before, I am amazed about it since the tv always reports its royal and everybody knows the event.4D Kwan In2 月 27 日 Cheun撰寫: I think that the Carnival must be very funny since there are many new activities. The carnival parade is crowded with floats. It is so attractive that we must take part in this Carnival. Moreover, this carnival might include Brazil’s tradition. Thus, we may see something about their heritage. It is not only meaningful but also is an unforgettable experience.2 月 26 日 KC(離線)撰寫: i think that this must be the happiest party in the world.Although i never been there.but i know the information that all people will dance, play and sing together.even thought they dont know each other,but based on the party\’s people are very friendly.they will still joining the party very happily.finally,i wish i can join the party one day4b 36 yiu ka chun2 月 25 日 LauAllen(離線)撰寫: The Rio Carnival , I did not be there before but I was extremely interested in it . It is because it is the best and the greatest party in world . I love party very much so I want to join in these huge Paaty . I also like eating . I think that this party will include a big meal . Than I can eat tasty food there . 2 月 25 日


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