The New President of The US

The New President of The US

WaiChui Chan

 When Obama joined the select or choose of the president of United States of America. I always thought Obama will win the president and I think he will be a good president.I can see he quiding principles are very good. He thought about the residents of the country. And he can mend USA and China relationship. But when I watched his inauguration, he spent to much money and I started to worry about his attitude. I think he can be a good president. USA’s financein the recession. He did not use the money to invigorate the finance. I think he is wasting the money. He only say but he did not do. But before he was elected the president. He can get the common people’ support not like Chen Shui-bian. I think he is a hoodlum. He charged with embezzlement, taking bribes and money laundering but he doesn’t admit. I don’t know why  some Taiwanese support Chen is not guilty.

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One Response to The New President of The US

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Sarina撰寫: The new president eletion becomes hit debate nowaday.And now we know the result,Obama is going to be the next prisident of the United States of America.I think this is an exciting new,we are going to have a black world leader.And I believe that this will be a historical moment.Even though,I am a little sad about Mac.,it is a pitty that he can\’t win the election4 月 2 日 4D06撰寫: Yes, you are right. Although I don\’t know him too much after i watch your writing. I think he are really lieing on us. He said he could save the economy. But he don\’t. that make me very diappointed. 2 月 24 日 laujames撰寫: JAMES:I agree with you. Obama will be a good president of United States of America.Although he is a black people, he also very brave that he stand on the world platform.AND I think that China and USA can be a good companion and together to solve the world problems.2 月 16 日 JCCSSTM撰寫: comment from Ng Chui LingI don\’t think so.Obame is a hero in my heart.He represents the United State.He shows us that America is a great country.People in America have right,they can chooce the prisident who they support.Also,it tells us that it\’s no longer a dream for a black guy to be the leader of the world.Not only the Americans but also us should proud of this.We did made history.And I can\’t wait to see how Obama do to help the world.2 月 16 日 4B17Leo撰寫: I was shocked when i saw obama becoming a prisident since he is the first black prisident. I think he can make a \’change\’. "Yes, We Can!!"2 月 12 日 KENGMAN撰寫: I think Obama can do his best for the residents in the United States of America . one mouth ago, i listened to his speaking on the computer .he was excellent and he have enough ability with responsibility.As a the president of United States of America ,he\’s successful was amazing. I believe that he is best one to manage his country.Hoping that he have good experience in the future.2 月 12 日 KC(離線)撰寫: 4b (36)Yiu Ka Chun i think that obama can "change" by his hand.although the economy in the world are very bad.obama already begin his change project and i think he can save the USA economy ,also stop all the war start from USA.2 月 11 日 kwan in撰寫: Obama shows us that nothing is impossible in America by becoming the president of USA. However, does it really tells us that everyone has a fair chance to do things in America? Is it possible that USA people are choosing him because of he is black while he has similar skills with others? No matter why he has been chosen as the new president of USA, he has to do his best to save the economy.2 月 11 日 TANGCHUNKIT(離線)撰寫: I agree that Obama is a good presdent. His speech was very attractive. I think he can solve the economics problem soon. I think he wiil not eat his promise and he will do it at a suitable moment.2 月 11 日 YICHIng撰寫: I agree with you.I also think that Obama is the good president.However,I don\’t think that he is wasting money.I think that he has his way to change the condition of USA.He will do many good things in the future.2 月 11 日 HungCheuk Lam撰寫: 4A 03 Chan Hang WaiI agree with you absolutely.Everyone know that obama is the most suitable for the america to be the presiden.Why? Because of his finance measure.america trust him will make the peace,bring the benefit and the world will be more welfare.But can he does it ? who know.2 月 11 日 lukhoi man撰寫: I agree with you. Obama would be a good president since he did many successful issues before he became the president of USA. I believe that Obama will become the best president of USA in the future.2 月 11 日 黃君鴻撰寫: I think that nobady can do everything perfectly and if i were the resident of USA, i will pay more attention and time to his appearence in the future since Obama is USA\’s hopeness. So, we must have more confident for him. Let us look at his performence.2 月 11 日 TamVicki撰寫: I agree with you. I think that Obama would be a good president before he was selected to be the president and he will be a good new president. Moreover, I think that he will do bester in the future.2 月 11 日 Anwar撰寫: I agree with you. i also think Obama spent too much money to fight against Iraq. but i also think he is a good president and he also will make Americe became very good at it moment . i think Obama will be a good new president2 月 11 日 tongyan yi撰寫: l personally agree with you . lt is because he have mang supporter who from different city of American . alos , i think that he can be a good president because of his personality . he is a very humorous and hard_working person so he win the president of United States of America .2 月 11 日 TAMKA HO撰寫: I agree with you. Obama may be the brightest man in the political world of America, and I also think that he is the most possible future president of America.I think he will not make American dissappointed!2 月 11 日 chowhoiwai撰寫: I agree with you completely. The new president, Obama , is American\’s hope. If don’s like the previous president, Bush , who used a lot money to fight against Iraq. I think that it is very consuming. Now, Obama\’s agenda which is about US$800 billion is applying. We can only wait for his policy to solve cope with the financial crisis.2 月 11 日 cho yiu 4D 21撰寫: Sorry, I disagree with you. I also think that Obame can be a good presideht. He spend a lot of money in the economy to make it better. So. I still think that he will do the best of his job. It will help the America. 2 月 11 日 Shuk Yee撰寫: I agree with your says. I think that Obama, the president of United States of America must be a good president. Up to now, even though the finance in all over the world lie in a crisis, Obama must rescue that. Actually, I believe that Obama will be doing better.2 月 10 日


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