The Magic Goes On

The Magic Goes On

Maki Tang

 I am so happy that Monkey: Journey to The West has become s big hit in UK. It means even western people also like the story written by ancient Chinese. And this is a musical. I think it must be interesting.  I love Monkey: journey to the west when I was a little boy because of two points. The first point is I think this story was so creative. If you asked me to write something like that, I couldn’t write any word. The writer wrote a world that I have never imagined. The second point is that I love the main character-the monkey of this story because I am also as naughty as the monkey.

本篇發表於 S4。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

One Response to The Magic Goes On

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    HOYIBB撰寫: LIHOYIBB撰寫: I think that it is very suitbale for teenagers.It is because it is quite funny for them and make them happily.I also will recommend it for another. 4C25 lihoyi2 月 12 日 long ching撰寫: In fact, you really like a monkey. The Monkey Journey is very famous and I believe that every Chinese people will know him. He is really very naughty. I love him very much.2 月 11 日 NeverCanSeeYou撰寫: Yes. I am happy to hear this news. Monkey: Journey is the best book in China. If I can go to UK, I am also go to watch this.2 月 11 日 laiwai shun撰寫: I am also happy Monkey: Journey to The West has become s big hit in UK. I watched when I was ten years old. At that time I was already like it since not only the story was very interesting, but also the characters were so funny.Wilson Lai2 月 10 日 LiNgWonG撰寫: The Jounery Of the West is a well-known episode in the world. When I was a child , I watched the programme already.In the episode, the money was so active and smart. It is because the money always help his monk quickly.He also can see through the monster too. Therefore, I quite like the money because of his characteristic.However, I ever obsessed on the episode.2 月 10 日 谭嘉仪撰寫: The Jounery Of the West is chinese famous book and flim.I think that chinese in this regard has great successfully .China is not a serious country ,because I think that The Jounery Of West is an interesting book in ancient china ,also,it is the first history cartoon in past world. What a success effort is it ! 2 月 10 日 LauAllen(離線)撰寫: I love monkey too as they are very clever . He can understand waht are people thinking . I also like the monkey king as he is very cool . 2 月 9 日


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