The Importance of Chinese in Singapore

The Importance of Chinese in Singapore

Ho Shuk Ying Connie


I have read an article about the importance of Chinese in Singapore in young post at November 25 2008. In Singapore, many Singaporean also speak English to each other at home. There are few chance for them to learn Chinese. So that their parents put more effort into getting their children to read Chinese books. According to the article many teachers point out that the students don’t like to study Chinese, because it is difficult for them, I cannot understand, as I think learning English is more difficult than learning Chinese, such as we have to organise the right sentences and one word have more than one meaning!


In order to increase the interest of Chinese for the Singaporean, the publishers are responding by releasing more Chinese-language books and these books were showcased at many book fairs over 2 weekends. Also many parents would buy over $1,520 of Chinese books for them, however it is very clever for them to buy comics book, like Doraemon. Because if it contains 100% of Chinese, I believe anyone also wants to throw it out. There are many successful examples. Junior high student Jasmine See was not keen on Chinese book, but she was interested in the cover of Chinese novel that her mother brought from the library. Now she becomes the top Chinese-language.


After I read it. I think we also have to work hard on our studies, especially English, I believe

we all have an ability to deal with it. Moreover, it is useful for future anymore!

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