The essence of bravery

The essence of bravery
Kwan In
Have you ever tried indoor war games? No matter what your answer is, it needs you to be brave to take part in the game. As the writer was in the battle, he was not brave enough to face the enemy directly and only fight for self protection. Being too afraid in the battle, he didn’t cover his teammate which he was supposed to do so. Without any hesitation, he failed in the game. These have shown that how  important bravery is. Looking back in our daily lives, bravery is a vital element in being successful. Without any bravery, you won’t have any chances to become successful. Take an example, if you have thought up a wonderful plan for the company’s next project and you are afraid to tell it to your boss, no matter how clever you are, no one would know it and your ability would not be discovered. The best way to get more 
chances to show your ability and become successful is to improve your confidence and bravery so that you can be able to seize the chance in any time. Although your idea might not be used, you should not fear about what the result is. There is a precipice between success and failure. If you have abilities to climb up to the top, the precipice would be the only thing that blocks your way to success. The problem is, whether you are brave enough to jump over it or not.
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One Response to The essence of bravery

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    cho yiu 4D 21撰寫: Yes, you are right bravery is very important in our life. W can not do anything without bravery. For example, you have a great plan but you do not haave the breavery to tell your boss. you wil lnot be success for ever. So i think breavery is very inportnat in my life4 月 1 日 4B17Leo撰寫: Yes, bravery is always needed in our life, and it is indispensable. Therefore, we should be brave enough to face any difficulties. Otherwise, we won\’t be successful and become a loser. 3 月 15 日 KC(離線)撰寫: chan hang wai 4a 03certainly, bravery is the most important factor to do any thing well. In fact , my friend Yiu who loves the war game, without it is indoor or outdoor. In the eyes of me ,we should have the confident , bravery and positive outlook if you want to success.I believe that whether we successful or not, we have to try our best .3 月 13 日 4D06撰寫: I agree with you. You said without any bravery,we would not have any chances to become successful. This is absolutely what my idea is. If a person do not have any breavery, he could not do ant thing successful. Just like your example, no mather the plan is how perfect but you don\’t tell your boss. He will not know what your plan are. Therefore, being brave are extermely important. 3 月 11 日 ben撰寫: Yes, you are right. There are many elements of success. Bravery is one of the most importnat one. In any thing we need bravery like comany and exam. Every thinf around us need bravery to do it. However, the problem are do we have this bravery? Success and failure are close but how can you be success? Being brave is one of the anwser. But could we do it is anyother problm?3 月 11 日


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