The Election in The USA

The Election in The USA

Ng Ka Ho Tony


Last Friday I have watched a TV programme that talked about the American Election 2008. This programme analyses the condition of the two competitors of this election,Obama and McCain. Recently, there are many investigations implies that Obama has the advantages to win their election and become the new president of USA. But a couples of scholars worries that the researches cannot show the truth.


They indicates that some whites do not show their actual wishes to the investigations because they do not want the others know that they have racial discrimination to the candidate of president,Obama,who is an Afropean. They said they will vote Obama but lastly they will choose McCain as he is white. And I thick it is quite unfair to Obama as the electors of USA concerned more about the colour of the candidates more than their abilities. So i hope that the electors can focus on their political abilities rather than their colour and they can have a fair election.

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One Response to The Election in The USA

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Phoebe\’ 撰寫: That\’s really lucky that Obama can become the next president of America!Not only because he will be the first black president of America,but also because his policy seems benefit to the whole world!I can remember clearly that he stood on the stage and annouce that he will help the America to changeAs everybody knows America is the strongest country in the world,if the economy of America turns to be better,i think the financial meltdown of the world will be disappeared.Moreover,according to Tony\’s passage,Obama is a black.In th past,there are only white man can be the president,becuase of discrimination,black in America always be subjected to be unfair treated!For example,in the past if a black killed someone,he or she must be killed by the government,but a white killed someone,he or she just need to impose a fine!That\’s really ridiculous!But now,i think the black of America will be treated much better!As their president is also a black,they show the whole world that black man can have big achievements too!!11 月 7 日 wen 撰寫: Obama becom i am happy for that obama become the next president of America since Its very special that he is the first black who become the president of America.It enthasized the importance of freedom.I wish he can bring the America to a new page.11 月 6 日 fung 撰寫: I have read the Tony\’s comment. I also support to the Obama. Because i do not like discrimination and the black are too poor that the white always do not like the black. the Obama have ability to help the the black to object to the discrimination and help to the black. Then he can also help the economic of the USA and this is the Mccain can\’t do this. Obama will not follow the Bush policy since many Americans do not like him and this help Obama have more chance to be the America head. 11 月 6 日 震宇撰寫: Terry Chan 6B 4I have also worried about the situation of Obama.Because most of the America are white people.They have a thinking of racial discrimination.Some white people are very dislike black people.They feel black people will make things bad.They\’ll think black people can not stand higher than them.But this is a battlefield of whole world – the political of the world.A presdient should have a long view and have a good diplomacy.Not the colour, not the race…. Is a competent person. Yesterday afternoon, Obama won in the election. I was excited about the born of the first black presdient.America need change.American need change.They started to change.I am expecting a new America.11 月 5 日 kevin 撰寫: In the afternoon, the result of the election has come out, Barack Obama is the winner in this election. He got the general support of the American even though the whites support Mcclain a little bit more.A survey has found out the two main reasons of Mcclain losing the election are he chose the wrong partner Palin who has said a lot of unsuitable things to the public and Mcclain is too old to be the president. This implies that the skin colour is not the most important factor to become the president in the mind of the American.It may be a comfort to Tony since the unfair election had not appeared.Because of the finanical tsunami, the American hope the new president can bring them out of the crisis. The slogan "change" is definitely what they want now, hope the new president can do what people want and lead the world to escape from the crisis since the USA is still the strongest country in the world.11 月 5 日 陳凈琳撰寫: Chan Ching Lam Kriz 6B 2I’ve also watched a TV programme that discuss the American Election 2008, which produced by TVB. Is it the same programme you’ve watched?In my view, I support Obama very much as his attitudes towards everything are objective and rational. I think he has the abilities to be the president of the United States of America.It is well known that there is racial discrimination in the USA. The coloured races are usually be treated unfairly. Thus, the US people may prefer McCain rather than Obama. However, I still believe that Obama can win the election and be the president of the USA. If he can be, hope he can change the USA, especially the economy.11 月 4 日 Bryan Mak Chung Pan 撰寫: The American Election 2008 will hold on this week,the whole world people all pay attendtion to this election.They want to know that who is the winner in this election.Is the white one,or the black one?Nobody can answer it surely.But the people just focus on the platform of the candidates.They hope the candidate can concentrate on the economy,especially the American.How he can change the america,change the world.They do not care about the colour of the candidate.11 月 3 日


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