The Beatles

The Beatles

SaiHei Ng


‘The Beatles’  is a music icons who laid the foundations of pop.

Would you know what is ‘The Beatles’ and have you ever listened to their songs?

I am one of their fans.

It was a band from Liverpool British and they were pioneer of rock and roll.

So they inspired music lovers to create a new type of music.

Nowadays they are still one of the well-known bands.

Not only their music style was an example for teenagers at that time, the mop top hairstyle was also the symbol of them.

They sold over 1000000000 albums all around the world.

The main members was John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They were singers and songwriters.

But Lennon was killed by a crazy fan in 1980

He was only 40 when he was killed.

It was pity for us but they created many great songs for the world. Even the teenagers nowadays love listening to their songs.


Here are some songs I want to share with you.

Let It Be

Hey Jude


Imagine (made by john and his wife Yoko Ono)

 You can enjoy them!

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One Response to The Beatles

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    TongKa Nok撰寫: I am not just thinking about Lennon\’s death. His death wasn\’t just a pity for us. Although he was one of this team\’s member, his music had effected people in their live. As people love him and kill him. Such a crazy bad behaviour. 2 月 12 日 練智華撰寫: My father also is The Beatles\’ fan, my father loves them very much wahen he was young. He always thell me "Unfortunately, John Lennon died…." And, I think The Beatles is the top pop star forever! Lin Chi Wa 4A(19)2 月 11 日 HungCheuk Lam撰寫: I love the beatles too because they are the pilots of rock music. Nowadays , rock music has been developing and there are lots of kinds of rock music such as aggresive rock , punk-rock , indies rock and so on. It\’s great actually and i love rock music. There are lots of great bands after the beatles. Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of my favourite band. They make me love rock music too.2 月 11 日


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