Testing times of medical students

Testing times of medical students
Tam Ka Yee
If students want to enter the faculty of medicine ,they must pass the aptitude and personality tests .However ,the faculty dean Fok Tai-Fai said that the housemen were not strong enough to deal with stress.In recant years ,some students lacked communication skills and were poor in both emotional quotient.

Finally,students need to pass clinical examinations, which include their communication with patients,professional ethics and work attitude.

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One Response to Testing times of medical students

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    ben撰寫: Right, nowadays the stress of hong kong students are always very great not only the faculty\’s students. However, is it really so hard to deal with the stress. Although the EQ is one of the important thing the control ourselves, we also deal withe stress in different like sport. Don\’t tell me you do not have time. ALthouh study is very important, the health is more importnat than it. Please give yourselves some tome to releax. It can help you ti study well and good for you.2 月 25 日 4D06撰寫: Yes, the stress os the faculty studnet are very high. They not only want to study hard but also have many practical training. However, this is no a answer for them to shirk their responsibility. As are student, they need to control therir stress so rhat they can have better representation on their study or life. So, I think the stress is high but the student also need to control theirselves. 2 月 25 日



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