Testing times for medical students

Testing times for medical students
Tong Ka Lok
Actually this passage is about putting pressure off. Most students, who is able to enter the Chinese University’s faculty of medicine, always have a completely performence so that they should have a good interview.  They need to have good study result at HKAL also HKCEE, good interview, good communication skills, basic clinical skills and also good personality.  These elements are to their key success.  Therefore, they need to be perfect. 
  That is to say they always feel stressed.  In fact, they can’t pay much concentration on studies if they don’t know how to put pressure off. 
  Being a doctor, clients’ surviving depend on their decision.  If they have any mistakes during treatment,  it will derive bad changes.  In order to avoid these,  they need to study hard at study.  While students are having high pressure which come from professor’s expectation, their studies must be affected.  That affect them vitally. 
  For me,  i had dreamt about that i would study medicine.  But now i have changed my mind to drop my purpose after interpreting the fact.  I understand the feeling of the students deeply.  I hope that they can recover themselves.
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