Tackle Stress

Tackle Stress



I had read an article about stress. There are many reasons which will cause stress, the pressure come from school, your friends, even the high expectation of yourself. Under a long term pressure will cause the following problem, a high heart beat rate, difficult to sleep, etc. If you have the above characteristics, you must be careful because you may be under stress.

What can we do if we are under stress? Firstly, we can listen to soft music. Listening music can relax our emotion and solve our stress .Also, we should do exercise. During doing exercise, our body will produce a type of chemical which can make us happy. In addition, exercise is good for our health. Finally, we can talk about our feeling with friends. They may give some useful suggestion to you.

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One Response to Tackle Stress

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Phoebe\’ 撰寫: It\’s really difficult to find out someout without any pressure in Hong Kong.I mean except the kids under 2-year-old.Maybe in the past kids will feel stressed after about 5-year-old aas they are going to primary school,but,nowaday children receive education much earlier.All of the parentswant their children learn more and more they just think that\’s for their own good,but have they ever think of the children\’s feeling?I am really sorry for the children today,as they born on the 21st centrey,they get much more pressure than me!!!(How lucky am i?)11 月 23 日 Elton Chan 撰寫: Most of the urbanites in Hong Kong have stress because of the heavy workload, so they stay at a high pressure in whole day that causes them can’t sleep well and gives them a bad appetite. These are the short time effect. How about long time effect? Seriously, stress make us to have high blood pressure, heart diseases and some psychological diseases. To relax, we can do some exercises or listen to some soft music. Also we should put our mind in positive. For me, every one has stress, and mine is not very heavy. Now the school work is not very heavy, and I have a lot of times to prepare the AL exam, also I always listen and play music to cool down myself. If you can not solve your stress problem yourself, I recommend you to visit psychology doctor.11 月 23 日 NICOLE TAM 撰寫: I can\’t agree you more.In fact , not only the students, but also the citizens in Hong Kong as we always lead a busy life.No need to mention spending time on relaxation,people even have no time to take a deep breath!! It is surprising that compare with other developed countries,their working hours, which around six hours per day, far fewer than that in Hong Kong.By considering our main concern—health, it was high time for us to take a break.11 月 21 日 kevin 撰寫: I think the problem is more serious in Hong Kong since Hong Kong people always get too many things to do. No matter students or workers, they need to spend much time on their work. Therefore, they have a higher chance to feel stressful.Since the time of working is too long, people in Hong Kong cannot have enough time to have their relaxation. Even if they have spare time, they are not willing to do exercise, one of the reason is they are not interested in that. Furthermore, the spaces for exercising is not enough. In order to motivate people to do more exercise, the government should construct more sport stadium for the public.11 月 21 日 無名名撰寫: After i have read your article,i am very agree with you.As i have many pressure now.Actually my pressure is come from school.However,when i am a F.4 and F.5\’s student,it is used Chinese to study, but now ,all of the subjects also be changed to english,In fact,it is very difficult for me to adapt now .I think it can not be understood th subject matter also is a serious problem for me!In addition,in our class,there are many students,who are come from different schools,are very clever,so i always feel unhappy and difficult to sleep.I strongly argee that listening for soft music and doing exercise can make us relax,because i also have tried it all the time.Except these activities,I think if we are under stress, we should talk to our families,teachers or psychologist,i think they must have some profressional ideas for us and help us.Also we also should participate in more activities,as it can make some new friends and they can help us to solve our problem each other. 11 月 21 日



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