Swine flu

Swine flu
Law Cho Yiu

Lately, the swine flu is a very serious disease in the world. It makes many people care about this illness. The number of cases of swine flu increases very fast. More and more people gain the swine flu. And then, they are killed by this illness. Mexico is the origin of the swine and already 159 people are killed by the swine flu. At that moment, people also cannot control the swine flu.

In Asia, no people gain this illness. But, many Asia governments prepare a lot of things for the coming of swine flu. They think that it can prevent the people from gaining the swine flu. This action may mean that the war with the swine flu is coming soon. In this battle, who will win? How many people will be killed by the swine flu? When can we control the swine flu? Those questions make many people afraid of this illness. But, I think that although we do not know about the future, we should continue the action of fighting with the swine flu. And all the people also needed to pay attention to the illness. We have the experience of SARS. It is a very useful thing at that moment. It is because we can use this experience to prepare fighting with the swine flu. If any people can do that, those will be smaller number of people dead.  Eventually, I believe that we can win this battle and control the swine flu. Then we should pay a lot of effort in control the flu so that we can have a better future. All the people should join this battle to fight with the flu. At last, I hope that this illness can be solved soon.

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One Response to Swine flu

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    HungChiron撰寫: in fact, i\’m really afraid of this kind of diseases.u know, most of my classmates catch flu recently and all of them sometimes dont wear a mask. the result is more and more get flu because of being infected. it\’s really frightened and even i haven\’t caught flu i have to wear a mask everyday.10 月 15 日 Yee Lin撰寫: The swine flu in the world is make all the people feel scared. This is a serious disease. And we must kill the problem quickly. Other wise, it will make the panic in the world. In control the swine flu, everyone should care about their hygiene. We should clean our house ,hand very often. If you feel any sick, we should wear a respirator.5 月 14 日 TongKa Nok撰寫: Actually it effect people\’s life, we ought to be carful enough to solve this problem. In other to fight with this flu, we have to be clean. People even they scared of the flu, they still dont have the confindence to face this serve flu. Is it people\’s positive atttude? For me, i wil fight to this flu as much as i can. 5 月 14 日 lukhoi man撰寫: I think that we should be careful since lately many countries appear flu.This disease affects our body.If we don\’t care my body,we have this disease easily.Also,we not only care personal hygiene but also care environment.As we don\’t care environment\’s hygiene,the disease also appear community.Thus,we care personal and environment\’s hygiene,the disease will not appear easily.5 月 10 日 Kei Kit撰寫: I think that we must be very careful about the swine flu. It is because if we don’t be careful, then we will kill by the swine flu. Furthermore, we should do our hygiene best. It is because if we keep our hands clean, the germ will leave us. In addition, we should make our environment clean because we will not be sick if we cleaning the environment. Thus, we don’t need wear a mask. 5 月 9 日 KC(離線)撰寫: Yiu Ka Chun 4B 36I think that we should be careful about our personal hygiene.It is because if we want the swine flu can\’t kill anyone more.Then we should raise the awareness about this illness.Also, we should have a huge campaign about always cleaning the environment.Then the world can prevent from this new type flu.5 月 7 日 Long Ching撰寫: I think we should keep an eye on this disease since it spread between people and country.If we want to prevent this, we need to keep our living condition clean.And we should be aware of person who feel uncomfortable.Luckly. there is no case of the flu in Hong Kong.If we keep this attitude,we will kill the disease.5 月 6 日



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