Swine Flu

Swine Flu
Chow Hoi Wai
Recently,a new topic appears in the hectic world.It makes all humans in panic.The hottest topic is H1N1 swine flu which was discovered in Mexico firstly has already caused over 100 people dead.

  Approximately one week ago,South Korea announced that they were investigating several suspicious cases of swine flu,as hastily arranged measures designed to contain the disease’s spread in Asia are put to the test.

  Unfortunately,on May 1,Hong Kong Government confirmed that there is a swine flu patient who is a Mexican arrived on April 29.He came to ShangHai by aeroplane and then transfered to Hong Kong by taking airplane again.Scarcely had they discovered the first case than they started the emergency measures instantly,such as isolation.The passengers of the plane and the guests of the hotel who he lived with also isolate.

  Thence,we can know the influence of this horrible pandemic so we must keep our personal hygiene.

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One Response to Swine Flu

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    jcctm2a36 wong kwan hungjcc…撰寫: Recently, The awine flu are controlled by all over the world since we cooperate with each other and take care of our hygiene. Fortunately, it doesn\’t be the SAR in 2003 since we don\’t know how to solve the problems at that moment so that many people were died.But now, we have the experience so we can\’t have the solution to kill the illnesses.5 月 11 日 ben撰寫: The awine flu are so scary that all the hongkongers do a lot to protact their personal hygiene. Just like in 2003 the SARS, Hong Kong government isolated all the people who live in the same building with the patient. In this all the government also isolated the visitors who were in the same aeroplane. Although the visitoers might be very angry winth it, the government really did an right choose. As if the visitors wnet to the city, mare people would become sick too. 5 月 10 日 NgSarina撰寫: Yeah,the H1N1 swine flu has been a hot topic recently.At first ,when I heard that there was a swine flu patient who was a Mexican I was really surprised and worried.I wondered if there wouldbe another disaster just like the SARS,but finally the fact prove that we are still safe since there is no other patient.Though,we should always keep our mind on H1N1.It\’s a dangerous virus and may case death.5 月 8 日 laiwai shun撰寫: I argee with you. I think that keep personal hygiene is important since H1N1 swine flu will spread to everywhere if we don\’t keep the personal hygiene. I also thing that we not only need to keep personal hygiene but also need to keep the place hygiene where we will always go there. Such school and our home.5 月 7 日



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