Stress and Pressure

Stress and Pressure

Connie Ho


I have just read an article about" Help you to cope with stress" from young post.

As we know that many pressure may come from our parents, our friends and ourselves, For example, we want to get better result on each examination and the peer may smoke or drink alcohol that they will say if you don’t do that with them than you won’t be part of them. Not only your  friends and yourself, but coming from your parents. Such as they always advise us ‘finish your homework, practise your piano, make sure you can get A grades in every subject, study harder etc.

Actually, what is stress? According to the article, stress is the way our bodies react to pressure either from the outside world—school, exta curricular activities, family, friends or from within yourself, as wanting to be perfect!

In fact, stress is a normal reaction to life, as the hypothalamus release two chemicals into our blood system, which produce a series of change in our body, so that sometimes the heart rate and our breathing would be increased or our impulses quicken. For the short term of pressure is better for our bodies, but for long term, that will affect  our physic and emotion.

Taking me as an example, I wanted to try to suicide for one year ago, because my studies got a very bad result and my family ignored me every time. I am  lonely and isolated. I think if I leave this world, I had no need to face all the problems any more.

However after I talking with my confidante about this stress problem. I have a positive attitude facing any problem and make a list of things that are causing me stress and discuss with friends, parents and teachers.

Lastly, I think if you have stress you can share it with someone that you trust ,find hobbies you enjoy, exercise regularly, eat balanced meal and prioritizing by making a list of tasks you have to do and then tackle then in order of importance.

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