Space Mission

Space Mission
Tam Yuen Yan
After the Olympic Games, many foreign countries care China, particularly, England. Shenzhou 7 is the third Chinese human space flight. The mission is scheduled to last three days, after which the craft will land in Inner Mongolia on September 28, 2008. The Shenzhou 7 mission marked a number of developments for China’s space program, including several first-time achievements. When I see the Shenzhou 7 levitation, I am so excited.I think that this is our proud as this space flight is extremely successful. I will not forget this space flight.
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One Response to Space Mission

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    4B – 40 撰寫: I agree with this.Since the Beijing Olympic Games,many parts of the world seems to know the real China.Their impression about China has totally changed,they realized that China is no long a poor country.And this is good for Chinese people,they may feel much more proud of China than ever. As a Chinese,I\’m so happy for this.10 月 20 日 3A-24撰寫: china \’s technology of spaceflight is giving chase to USA there are still a distance but i don\’t think that is a problem for us 13 hundred million people prove that unity is power10 月 19 日 Sin Ho Pui 撰寫: I think that China is a very successful country in the world. It is because space is a dangerous place. Also, the China\’s spacecraft can return to China successfully. So,this is a very good thing. 10 月 17 日 jcctm 4D35 wong kwan hung撰寫: China which is the third richest country is growing up recently. So I think that it is not difficult thing. The problem is only the time because a spacecraft needs to make for at least 3years to prepare so the science runs slowly.10 月 12 日 cho yiu 4D 21撰寫: We know that china has a spacecraft to go to the space because they need to work in the space. In a result, it is so successful for them to have this science. It is good for Chinese scientist to have the other sciences in the future as they have to prepare the work which will be a science in the future.10 月 12 日 TAM ka Yee 撰寫: That right ,in 2008 china has met alot of things,such as earthquake snowstorm as well as recently food quality event.Thosethings are so effect chinese influence prower.So we must chance this aura of darkness.Since shenzhou 7 levitation,china become more and more popular in the world.It\’s our ethnic brilliant,and also the worldwide dragon\’s descendants\’ brilliant!!10 月 11 日


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