Somali Pirates Take Hostages

Somali Pirates Take Hostages
Brian Mak


Since an Iran freighter [Delight] had captured by the Somali’s pirate. 25 crews have been taken to coast of Kenya. The hostages did not release at this time. There were occurred 3 cases of capturing the ships including this. Moreover, many ships need to go to South Africa to go Asia .It need more time and money.

Somali, located on the east Africa, facing the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden.
The incident occurred at Gulf of Aden. Many ships from Europe to Asia or Australasia need to go through this area .The pirates captured the ships at this area. WE navy and NATO warship has increasing the patrol times at that area to maintain the peace.

Why the incidents occurred three times? Somali has had civil war since 1991, many citizens are very poor. They need to do these things to get money for buying their own food. So the world needs to find a way to solve these problems.

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One Response to Somali Pirates Take Hostages

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    NICOLE TAM 撰寫: I am partly agree with Aesculapius\’s suggestion.As he/she said,using force is not the feasibe method to solve this threat, we should make an effort to work out a compromise with the pirates instead deal with the problems by having war.Furthermore,the ships should be wll equipped in order to protect themselves.As a result,everybody is free from the worries. 11 月 30 日 teleponeAesculapius撰寫: Somali\’s pirates is appeared long time ago. However, why they start capturing ships now but not in the past? Their action turned into much aggressive than before without reason, or with some reasons we do not know yet. To solve a problem, reasons are the most important clue, governments should ask those pirates for reasons and try to help them if it is possible. Stopping them with forces cannot solve the problem of pirate, satisfying their wants appropriately is the only way to solve it. Useless all the pirate have enough to live, otherwise, one pirate fall, one shall raise.11 月 26 日


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