Sing and dance with the wildcats

Sing and dance with the wildcats

Tang Wa Kei


I am writing about the movie page of the newspaper.  And it is talk about a movie call High School Musical 3: Senior Year.  I’ve already watched the two episodes

of this series of movie.  I watched the first episodes when I was form2.  It was great.  I was attracted by the song and dance.  It was remarkable.  This story tells about a boy named Troy who is the best basketball player in high school.  And he met a girl called Gabriella who is a math genius on a New Year’s Eve party.  And they love each other.  The movie will show at October 24, 2008.  I am sure you will love after you have watched it.  

本篇發表於 S4。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

One Response to Sing and dance with the wildcats

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    3A-24撰寫: 3A-24 is ng sai hei 54711 月 5 日 3A-24撰寫: yo kei i "ve not watched the High School Musical 3: Senior Yearbut i can understand that how attractive it is ,it\’s all about bloom a happy and young timebesides music and dance is a key element which is a good communication not only that we can look for a good reminiscence 11 月 5 日 Allen Lau 撰寫: I already watch it and It is my favourite movie . The music in the flim is perfect that it appeals to my ear .If it has the one more volume of the High school musical . I must watch it .10 月 28 日 tong ka nok 撰寫: it was a pretty sad as i could attend my friends meeting last Saturday. They asked me to join them and watch High School Musical 3!!! Anyway, i think that kinds of film are really attrative for youths. I also interested in singing and acting which are related to the film. 10 月 28 日 Wong Hiu Ling 撰寫: Certainly , I agree with your opinion . I also think that High School Musical 3 is meaningful which is about campus . It is very entertaining . It is special that the film is mainly about of music. Moreover ,the music is very sweet-sounding . 10 月 25 日 michellechan撰寫: I will watch this on Saturday with my friends. I think that it is great and the plots also attract me to watch it . I am looking forward to it .I think that many people will go to the cinema to watch it since it is well-knowed in the USA and HONG KONG.10 月 23 日


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