Scientists sequence giant panda’s genome

Scientists sequence giant panda’s genome

 To Ka Ho


After reading the passage,l understand the giant panda how to make up .there are not any wild giant pandas and the wild giant panda are in danger of extinction .the number of pandas survive in the world make me feel so upsad.So we should try harder to protecet the giant panda .Also. l thing the scientist is so greatness that they can discovered the variation of giant panda . i am very proud of the scientists. In my touching moment , the scientists in order to protect the giant pandas to make them doesn’t endangered.And the scientists make their effort to do the things about the genome of the pandas.lastly,i really hope that the giant pandas wouldn’t extinct in the furture.

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One Response to Scientists sequence giant panda’s genome

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    欣欣 撰寫: Yes! I think that the government should protect the giant pandas and make them doesn\’t endangered. I also really hope that the giant pandas wouldn\’t extinct in the future.11 月 9 日 Li Ho Chun 撰寫: That\’s right. If we don\’t protect the pandas, they will become extinct. The goverment must do something that can protect them.11 月 5 日 TANG,KENGMAN 撰寫: Yes, nowaday giant pandas are one kind of endangered animal since only few peaple pay attention in it. In addition,others animal such as shark also face the same problem.If people don\’t protect them in time , they will be extinct soon.The most important is that the government and public should aware of the animal which are vital in our envirnment.and protect it .11 月 4 日 Tam ka ho 撰寫: The giant panda is China\’s national treasure, and treasure by the world\’s attention.Panda\’s own fecundity and survival rate of cubs are very low, the situation has become increasingly serious threat to the survival of giant pandas. If we do not take strict measures to protect the giant pandas,they will likely become extinct in the hands of our generation.So we must protect the Pandas.10 月 26 日 TAM ka Yee 撰寫: Not only giant panda,many species of animal have become extincted time by time,it\’smeans that animal will die soon than human.In the future, maybe our generation will ask us \’what animal is\’?,that such as a huge joke for us to answer it.SO let\’s protect the animal and treat them with love immeditely.10 月 24 日


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