Propping up property


Propping up property

Leo Li


Recently, when we turn on the TV, We always hear about’ Financial Tsunami’. This is one of the huge crisis in Hong Kong because it is affecting Hong Kong’s economy. Lehman Brothers, which has just gone bankrupt three weeks ago. So the people who bought the bond lost their money and they are angry. Currently, they are still asking their own money.

Actually, the prop of Hong Kong’s income is land supply. If the government didn’t tighten its land supply, the financial tsunami wouldn’t be spread. Last, I hope this problem will be solved quickly.

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One Response to Propping up property

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Tam ka ho 撰寫: I think china\’s financial system is strong enough to weather the storm, although the global turmoil has taken its toll on the nation\’s economy, 12 月 2 日 Kwan In 撰寫: This shows the problems about the economy in nowadays which is perfect on the surface but different kinds of problems under it. It\’s not only about the problems of Lehman Brothers bonds but also the economy all over the world. However, there are chances for people who have abilities to build up their own business. Every thing has good and bad sides, only how people deal with it that matters.11 月 16 日 michellechan撰寫: I totally agree with you . This financial tsunami really affect the world very much . I think that the coutries in the world should take some measure to solve the financial crisis .11 月 9 日 Ng Chui Ling 撰寫: It\’s a big challege,but I believe we can suffer from it.Though the world now in a bad situation,but I think we can set an example.We should try our best to overcome it and show the world there\’s still hope.As a student,we should work hard and find out what can we do to solve this problem.11 月 5 日 TAM ka Yee 撰寫: During these days,I thought lots of problems concern hk future.If hk will be poor in the nearly future?If lots of students will find work in difficult?If lots of people will leave hksooner or later?I don\’t know,although in this trouble situation,I think all students mustbe work more harder and harder.11 月 4 日 鳳儀撰寫: lin chi waYes, I think so. Aloso, I think that the banks\’ Salesmans are broker10 月 27 日


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