Elton Chan

 The word "poverty" means different to different people. Sad to say, Hong Kong teenagers regard poverty as a lack of money to spend on entertainment and labeled goods, they feel a sense of inferiority just because they are "poor" However, as we recognize the plight of people struggling in the third world countries, we understand what really a shame is! Although we believe that everyone is equal, it cannot be denied that while someone are enjoying the fruits of high technology, some people in the world are still suffering from poverty! The reason for poverty in the world is population explosion with lack of natural resources. Many regions in Mainland China fall into this category. Another reason for poverty is the system of government, while leaders ruthlessly strive for money the are destroying people’s means of living. What the government can do are retraining people and helping them to find new job. In those African countries, people are also suffering from a deadly disease. They are very poor, how about us? We are living in a high level of living standard. Being a human, do we have responsibility helping those people living in poor? What do you think of poverty?

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