Pot idols on Tokyo rap

Luk Hoi Man

Today, I am going to talk about the Pot idols on Tokyo rap .It seriously affects teenagers. They are example of teenagers. Now they take drugs. Their behaviour  destroys  their image. Taking drug also can destroy their future. I think they shouldn’t take drug. If they take drugs again, it mean that they can’t feel regretted.

  In addition, taking drugs has many disadvantages. For instance, it makes us lose family, friends. The drugster maybe steal money to exchange drugs. Thus, I think people shouldn’t accept drugs as drugs affect our future.

  People shouldn’t take drugs. Idols also should not take drugs. I know that one of the drugsters is the first time to take drugs. He was forgiven. On the contrary, another artist does not take drugs first. This time, I think she was not forgiven. She knew that taking drugs will affect her future. She still takes drugs. She not only destroys her future but also destroys other people’s future. Her behaviour was not forgiven.

  Although they feel regretted after taking drugs, their taking drugs become a fact. Everyone can’t change this fact. If they control themselves, they do not take drugs. Therefore, no matter what harmful people say, we must refuse them.

  Lastly, I persuade everyone. Don’t take drugs. If we take drugs, we not only lose our future but also lose family, friends. Also, idols must not take drugs. Since if idols take drugs, they must lose their future. In addition, I hope that teenagers should employ the fact of idols taking drugs, they can know the disadvantage of drugs. Drugs affect our future. If they take drugs, they will regret as long as one’s life.

  Thus, we must refuse drugs’ temptation. Otherwise, we must lose a glorious future.

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