Pot Idols On Tokyo Rap

Pot Idols On Tokyo Rap
Tang Chun Kit
Hong Kong singsing idols Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and Wei Si have been arrested in Tokyo for the alleged possession of marijuana. They are popular in Hong Kong. Moreover, they joined a show about say no to drugs a few week ago but they have some drugs in Tokyo. So, we were so surprised while we heard this news. And people will think the show is unreliable. We can avoid it. We think that idols should have a healthy image to us. Then we can study to them. However, those two idols made a bad image to us. They alleged possessin of marijuana. Marijuana can have many negative effect. For example, it can make us that always forget something and it can hurt our body. Then why do we also have those things ? It is because we will addicted. If you try it one time, you can’t stop in the next time. Thus, you will buy it again. But, marijuana is very expensive. I think this isn’t worth spending. It spend you lots of money. It is a big burden in your life. So we must not try it. Last, although Kelvin and Wei Si alleged possession of marijuana, I think we can forget them and I think they will corr their bad behavior. They are too young. Therefore, we should give them a chance to be a good people once again. 
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One Response to Pot Idols On Tokyo Rap

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    谭嘉仪撰寫: Recently, artists have accused of crimes so a large number of people are disappointed and angry. One of the most disappointing is that the supporters of starts.Also ,teenagers will follow the suit so it will cause a serious social problem.Equailty before the law should also take the lead star.3 月 11 日 Cheun撰寫: Yes. I agree with you We should give them a chance to become a good people. This events show us that we must think about the side-effect before we do everything since we make a wrong choice, we cannot correct it immediately. Moreover, many people will blame for you because of your mistake. You even forget it as it will mark in your record.3 月 11 日



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