Pot idols on Tokyo rap

Pot idols on Tokyo rap

Tam yuen yan

Hong Kong singers’ Kelvin and Wei Si, have been arrested in Tokyo for the alleged having of marijuana.  In an interview with the police, Kelvin reportedly admitted that the drug had been given to him by a friend in Hong Kong.  Wei Si said that she did not know that it was marijuana.

    I am extremely disappointed since they are the idols of the teenagers.  If they did worry, it will affect the teenagers.  Also, it has affected the public’s view of Hong Kong.  Nowadays, some of the Hong Kong teenagers are drug addict.  I think that the idols should do a good example to the teenagers.

    Reported ketamine and marijuana users younger than 21 have doubled between 2005 and 2008.  Some teenagers think that taking ketamine and marijuana is like drinking soda or eating candy.  In my opinion, the Hong Kong government should use stronger measures than those currently existing to prevent drug addiction in teenagers.  Moreover I hope that the government will help find a specialized brain scan which can catch areas of brain erosion due to drug abuse.

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One Response to Pot idols on Tokyo rap

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    ShukYee撰寫: That\’s right. I think that Hong Kong govrenment should have a stronger measures to avoid teenage taking the drug.On the other hand , i am extremely dissappionted to Kelvin and Wei Si .Why? due to the fact that they are pop star who should have a properly style .Definitely they are celebrities.They should do etter than the others .However they are very irresponsibility and i believe that Kelvin and Wei Si have a large space to improve their behaviour.3 月 13 日 Kei Kit撰寫: I think that if the Hong Kong\’s singers have a bad image , the Hong Kong people will learn some bad thing from them.So, I think that Hong Kong government should have use a strong law to limit the Hong Kong\’s singers .Also, I feel disappointed about their action. They are the Hong Kong image!If they contiuned to this thing ,I will no longer love them3 月 13 日 KENGMAN撰寫: Maybe the Hong Kong government should use stronger measures than those currently existing to prevent drug addiction in teenagers? Nowadays , teenagers\’ drug addiction are an serious situation . The government , teachers and parents should work together to help students . They should pay more attention on it .For students , they shouldn\’t try something which are bad for your body. Beside that , they should say no and refuse to try drugs. And more important is that you should remind yourself to be careful to your so-called friends and strangers .Be realistic .They are dishonest explain that taking drugs can make you happy .It\’s obvious that it is not true. In addition, the police should check some entertaining places often , for instance the discos ,cybercafesand airports especially during festivals. I believe that we can improve this terrible condition.3 月 13 日 JanAnwar撰寫: yes, i agree with you that if the singers of Hong Kong also have been arrested in Tokyo for the alleged having of marijuana, it will affect the teenagers and the public\’s view of Hong Kong. it is because the teenagers will believe that if the singers can have of manrijuana and why they cannot. they also will follow the singers. so i also agree with you that the government should do something to prevent drug addiction in teenagers.3 月 12 日 練智華撰寫: lin chi waI agree with you.It is because some of them think that may make them cool or handsome.But,in my opinion,the drugs have lots of disadvantages for teens.For instance,bad for teenagers\’health and affact their family relationships too.In addition, if the idols are drug,teens may think that they can drug too.3 月 11 日 YICHIng撰寫: I strongly agree with you.I also feel disappointed about their behavior.I think that idols are public people.Their behavior will affect teenagers easily.When teenagers know the idols to do some bad things , teenagers will follw them .Also , ketamine and marsures are extrmely unhealthy which make our body unhealthy.It will have some damage in our body.Teenagers are the easiest to make their body unhealthy when they are taking ketamine and marsures .Therefore,I suggest that the idols shoud give a good example to all hong kong people. 3 月 11 日 laiwai shun撰寫: I agree with you. Nowadays the teenagers taking ketamine and marsures since they think that thaking them are very handsome and they will be very cool in front of ttheir friends. If the celebrity also taking ketamine and marsures , some teenages who did not taking ketamine and marsures before will follow them. And the number of the tennages who taking ketamine and marsures will become more and more.3 月 11 日 michellechan撰寫: I totally agree with you. Being a celebrity , he or she has a responsibility to do good things snice many teenagers will model their behaviour. It will affect teenagers. Nowadays , the number of students taking drugs is increasing and their age also become more younger. Therefore, singer or celebrities should do good . Otherwise, teenagers will follow them and think that these behavious are allowed to do.3 月 11 日 NgSarina撰寫: I\’m quite disappointed about their behaviours.They are pot idols,they supposed to set an good example for us but it was not like this in the real life.They represent Hong Kong and now they affected the public\’s view of Hong Kong.I used to liked them since they did quite well in singing,but after this accident,I will no longer love them.It seems like they do not deserve our love.3 月 11 日



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