Pollution Problem

Pollution Problem

Theresa Chan
I had read the South China Morning Post last week, one of the news title is environmental salvation may a case of smoke and mirrors It is true that the air pollution problem also the global warming become more and more serious in the recent years. Some big firms are working on varying sea-based projects. They have developed several ways to reduce those problems.
But those methods will only work years later, and cannot solve the problem of great amount of emission. Besides, those projects need a large amount of money and human afford. So I think the thing we should do now is to decrease the amount of pollutant emission. If the output is decreased, the pollution problem will be improved.

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One Response to Pollution Problem

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    katrina 撰寫: I think I\’ve watched the same TV Programme with Kevin. But in the last part of the programme, it said that Greenland was benifited by the pollution problem. It is because the global warming give the people who live in Greenland a chance to farm. Since the weather became warmer than before , they got more food than the ancient time. And some species of fish which disappeared for a long time suddenly came back to Greenland because of the change of weather. Their living standard was imporved as more food is provided by the nature and their economy was improved by the increase of the amount of fish. Pollution may not absolutely harm everyone one who lives in the world. Somehow people even can benifit from it. Some scientists even claimed that since the earth is more and more far away form the sun , the earth become colder . The increase in temperature caused by pollution can compensate the decrease in temperature caused by the change of rotation axis.Actually, I support protecting of earth. We should try our best to maintain the balance of the ecology . The optimum situation is that everything reamin unchange. No pollution and not to disturb the nature habitat. No one knows what will happen in the future. I trust our world have it\’s own ability to adpat the change. What we can do is that not to pollute the earth and try our best to protect it.11 月 16 日 Kenneth 撰寫: It is true that the problem of pollution in Hong Kong become more and more serious. At the past, the Air Pollution Index is usually keeping at the low level. But if you have noticed the weather report on the TV every day. You should know that the Index is always keeping at the high level now. It shows that the air pollution in Hong Kong was increasing. What is worrying is that more and more pollutant has produced which caused green house effect. The average temperature in every month was increasing to compare with the same month at the past. I suspect that no more winter after this century if human sustained to pollute our environment because the weather of the winter may as hot as the summer in the future. It is possible that Hong Kong will disappear at the map after a few decades because Hong Kong will flood by water which produced by the melted ice at two pole. To prevent this, we should start to reduce the pollution now!11 月 16 日 leungfung撰寫: After i read the article that theresa write, i aslo agree with her. As when i am in for five, i have studied in geography and i know that global warming is a bad thing. It affect a lot of things about us. For example, our temperature will rise as the air pollution is very serious. In the future of Hong Kong, many people say that there will not have winter in Hong Kong anymore. I feel very unhappy of that. So that i think we need to reduce the air pollution to help our Earth. We can do a lot of things to help to reduce the air pollution such as use more public transports that can reduce the pollutants emissions. I think every people can do it . 11 月 15 日 Elton Chan 撰寫: I agree with Theresa. To protect the world, our next generation, we should decrease the amout of pollutant emission, for example, the cars and the factories. The air pollutant contains not only carbon dioxide which is the green house gas but also the suplur dioxide and nitrogen Xoxide. Therefore we now have many problem, acid rain, also the damage of our health! In Hong Kong, a lot of people get the lung disease because of the exhrust flame! Seriously, every year there are some people dead because of the lung cancer. Recent years, the temperature of the world is increasing, this is the warming that we should take action immediately, otherwise, we will have a big trouble.11 月 15 日 samson 撰寫: Global warming is a quite hot environmental issue. Just three weeks ago, a green exhibition was held by some green companies to sell their environmental products. It reflects the the pollution in Hong Kong is serious that we should think of some ways to solve the problem. For example, we should save the electricity. We should close all the electronic appliances before leaving the home. As mentioned before, we should take public transport instead of private cars. I hope that in the foreseeable future all of use can breathe with clean air, and a blue sky can be seen upon the Victoria harbour. If we do not give a helping hand, the problem will become more serious and lead to an irreversilbe situation. 11 月 14 日 kevin 撰寫: Recently, there is a TV programme talking about the pollution problem. The environmental problem of Norway has been told in the programme as well as how the Norway government tries to overcome this serious and global problem.Although the pollution problem is worse and worse, we should try our best to protect the Earth in order to provide a better living standard to the next generation. It is not a difficult thing to achieve the purpose, even putting rubbish to the corresponding recycle bins, use both sides of paper can help to protect our Earth.Therefore, let us work hard to solve the pollution problem right now!11 月 14 日



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