News Commenting :No sign of deadly flu attack: experts

By 6b Calvin

Recently, there were 3 children died with flu-like symptoms. All the primary schools were announced to suspend classes. It seems that there will be a bigger outbreak of flu than before; however, some experts claim that there is no evidence to reveal that the virus is more virulent. The situation seems rather moderate than previous years. There is no need for the public to panic.

From my point of view, the government feels over relieved on this incident although there were only three deaths. We still cannot ensure that there is no mutation of the virus. The public is too relying on the medicine. There is still chance the virus mutates and more deaths appear. Who takes responsibility for this?

The sensible and wise decision of the government is vital. Don’t recommit the same error of SARS.

本篇發表於 S6。將永久鏈結加入書籤。

One Response to News Commenting :No sign of deadly flu attack: experts

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    JOEY撰寫: From my point of view, having an earlier holiday is quite a good idea for the students. Going to school, the students had to be anxious all the time as the virus of the flu is really effective. But, there are also disadvantage of this issue, this will make the teaching schedule become slower. I hope everything will be fine in the future. 3 月 30 日 Cyrus Li 6B 撰寫: The death of three children upset Hong Kong people.I think government should do more things to prevent the spreaded of the flu.3 月 30 日 pong 撰寫: Although the death toll is not very high, I think the public should be more take care for the disease.I believe this event can let us to pay attention to the environmental sanitation.The Hong Kong Government also did very well in this incident.3 月 27 日 DICK 撰寫: I believe that the government have made a good decision to prevent the influenza spread in primary schools.In my opinion,i think the government should also suspend all schools to ensure that no influenza can be spread in schools.3 月 27 日 CHI HO撰寫: 6B TimIn my point of view,the Hong Kong Government handles this incident very well.The government close the primary school,this action is very quick,although the chief of Hong Kong Educational Department seems to be hesitating.Luckily the quick action of the government prevent the flu to separate.3 月 26 日 LamYi Hing Ada撰寫: Ada LamActually, I think it is a tragedy for those three children\’s death. Some surrounded people said that \’Why can\’t our classes be suspended?\’I think it is horrible for them to have such thought…Although that three children are not you r relatives or someone you know,still they are lifes.I think no one would like to see that all schools are closed.3 月 23 日 LIKHANG 6a 撰寫: I totally agree with u. when some eperts said that there was no evidence to reveal,it seems that it would be a big problem,public can not ensure because of no mutation of the virus, government need to concern more about the problems.I think government did a great job this time since it needed primary schools and kindergarden to suspend classes .It can predict the extention of the virus.3 月 23 日 Sam撰寫: That\’s true. The government should stop schools as soon as possible when many people are suspected to suffer from flu. In my opinion, it is no difference between primary six students and form 1 students. thereore we should also close both primary school and secondary school. It still have a chance for people suffering from the disease no matter you are children or adults.6B Sam3 月 22 日 Wilson 撰寫: It is a pity that three children were dead because of the influenza. The government should decide carefully to prevent more deaths.3 月 21 日


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