News Commenting: Lying in weight

Cindy 6B


This article is about calories. Nowadays, people become more health-conscious. They care about the calories they take in everyday. The guideline daily amount of calories tends to be 2,000 a day for women and 2,500 for men. But some of the people are eating excess of 4,000 calories a day but think that they’re eating 1,000 calories only.

It is because some food, such as cereal bars, sandwiches, coffee, muesli, fruit and yoghurt, are supposedly not contain much calories. In fact, some of these food do contain a large amount of calories.


Eat healthily is one of the way for people to lose weight and be healthy. But I think that they have to choose the food carefully, to prevent eating the food that contains many calories. From the article, a sandwich complete with egg, sausage, bacon and ketchup already contains 560 calories, nearly 30 percent of the recommended daily intake for women, which is quite formidable since many people believe that sandwich is a healthy food contains low calories. Besides eating healthily, exercise is also important for people to lose weight and have a good health.

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One Response to News Commenting: Lying in weight

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Alan Fung 撰寫: I think the Hong Kong people should eat more health food and do more exercise.So they can have a good health.4 月 6 日 Ivan Kwok 6B 撰寫: I think the main reason of being fat is that Hong Kong\’s people do not like to exercise and always eat fast food.They can\’t consume the calories and become fat,so the solution is to do more exercise.3 月 30 日 Cyrus Li 6B 撰寫: In my point of view,the overweight problem is become much more serious in Hong Kong.It is because Hong Kong people eat too much fast food since it is very convenient.If they want to keep fit,they should keep away from the fast food. 3 月 30 日 Tracy Ip 6a 12 撰寫: I think that calories are horriable to ladies.However,If our eating habit is balanced ,such as more vegetable ,fruit and less meat.we won\’t need to calulate calories all the time.Also ,doing exercises are needed to maintain a good health.3 月 30 日 Caspar Lau 撰寫: Nowadays, many people lived in Hong Kong need to concentrate on their works. They do not have much time to do exercise everyday. Therefore, Cindy\’s point of view that people eat healthily every day is the most effective way to maintain their balanced diet in order to have a good health.3 月 30 日 Lineson 撰寫: Yes,I agree Cindy\’s point!Nowadays,many people are going to on diet,they always calculate the calories of food.I think good health is important to us,we should do regular exercise.3 月 30 日 Hui Tang Hung 6A 撰寫: I think calorie is very horrible for women.They are afraid of calories.Actually, doing regular exercise is the way for people to lose weight.When you feel hungary,you can eat fruit instead of other snacks.3 月 30 日 matthew 6b 撰寫: I agreed that a group of people in Hong Kong is overweight as they take in too much calories. We should do more exercise to keep a good health.3 月 29 日 Man Man 撰寫: Actually,the situation is becoming more and more serious in Hong Kong .It is common to see that many fat boys or girls present everywhere.According to survey, Hong Kong is a extremely serious city about the situation so that more and more people concerned about the health problem.Only by having a balance diet or taking exercises could the problem be able to come across .The authority and parents can also play important roles to improve the problem.3 月 29 日 Eva Kwok 6B 撰寫: In Hong Kong,many people concerned about health problems,especially women.No matter how they are thin,they just feel they are fat and it is necessary to lose weight.Furthermore,I agree that to keep fit healthy,do more exercise is the best way.3 月 28 日 Raymond Lee 6B 撰寫: In fact that , it is easy to absorb too much calories.To my mind , regular exercise is the most effective method to control my weight .3 月 27 日 CHAUPING撰寫: Pinky Shih 6AI agree with you. It is obvious that eating healthily and doing exercise is a good way for people to keep fit. 3 月 26 日 CYRUS撰寫: Cyrus Siu 6AI think that many of us don\’t know the guideline daily amount of calaries.And,we usually eat what we like,without control our eating habit.That\’s why many people in the society relay on keep-fit program heavily.3 月 26 日 manki撰寫: Monkey 6AYes, I can see your point. Moreover, I agree that if we get too much calories, it will affect our health.Nowadays, there are many people get overweight, so we must concern more about our diet and do more exercise to keep ourselves healthy.3 月 25 日 manki撰寫: Yes, I can see your point. Moreover, I agree that if we get too much calories, it will affect our health.Nowadays, there are many people get overweight, so we must concern more about our diet and do more exercise to keep ourselves healthy.3 月 25 日 Thirza 撰寫: Calorie is a horrible thing for people,especially women.Many women may calculate the calories of food before eating.Nevertheless, I think some good methods are eating balance and doing adequate exercise!So that we need not calculate the calories anymore.3 月 24 日 阿虹撰寫: I agree that we should do more exercises in order to lose weight and have a good health. I think a good health is very important because we have more power to do the things. A person who has a good health can also have a good psychological condition.3 月 23 日 鍾小咪\’\’撰寫: I think that keeping fit is very important for us. It not only for losing weight, it also making us more healthy. I think we have to eat more fiber-rich food such as vegetable to make ourselves more healthy.3 月 23 日


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