News Commenting: Climate refugees a political issue, no countries want to accept

Lam Davy F.6B (12)

SCMP 14th March 08

US and Japanese experts warn that Tuvalu Island will be uninhabitable and disappear in the ocean in the coming decade due to greenhouse effect and climate change.

Residents in this tiny Pacific island are likely to become Climate refugees. 

10000 Tuvaluans lose the natural habitat and their lovely home and resident will be forced to migrate. That’s not just an environmental problem, but an international political issue.

Some countries don’t accept their applications, some impose immigration quota towards them.

The Tuvaluans are obviously poor victims. There is lack of concern on their adversity. No countries are willing to accept this threat at present. They are bullied by the economically strong countries.

Global warming causes melting of polar ice, leading to the rising sea level

This is the consequence of human activities like burning of fossil fuels and air pollution mainly in US, Japan and China. Global problem relates to everyone in the world. Every country has the responsibility, especially those who are responsible for the main source on emission of greenhouse gas.

Therefore, we should be environmentally friendly from now on, starting from our daily life. That can save us, our future generations and also the Earth.

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One Response to News Commenting: Climate refugees a political issue, no countries want to accept

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    cheungcandy撰寫: Candy S.6A (7) I agree with you said that it is not just an environmental problem, but an international political issue.Also, I think everyone in the world should pay attention on it and should have responsibility to protect our earth! So, we should do something immediately !For example, use more the public transportation to instead private cars, it can decrease the content of carbon to release to the atmosphere. 3 月 29 日 manuen ching撰寫: Global warming cause many problems to the world. Hong Kong is also suffered by global warming. I think that the government should do more things to prevent our environment. Also, we need to be environmentally friendly. It can save Hong Kong and us.3 月 27 日 Nick 撰寫: I was shocked by this news, the evil consequence of what human do to the environment has revealed. I think if we continue to ruin the Earth such as over-exploitation, deforestation, etc. The same thing happened in Tuvalu Island will happen in other countries in the world. So we should beware of importance the environmental protection! 3 月 27 日 Alan Fung 撰寫: The global warming in the world is become more and more serious in the world.And the average temperature in the world increase very year.The global warming cause the melting of the polar ice and leading to the rising sea level.Some pacific island will overwhelm by the sea water,like The Tuvaluans.So,we should not waste our energy and use more renewable energy.3 月 26 日


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