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Candy Li 6B (20)

Teen Munder Charge

I have read a piece of news about a murdering case of  an aged 16 girl, Wong Ka Mui. The girl was reported missing by her family and after 10 days, the police received a report that her body had been dismembered. The aged 24 suspect was arrested t after the blood stains of the victim have been  found from his flat. He admitted that he hired a prostitute on the internet and killed the victim when they high on ketamine. After kill her, the murder dismembered Wong ‘s body. He throw the girl ‘s head into the sea and sent her bone to the wet market.

It is so astonished for me to heard about this news. Nowadays, there is a trend for teenagers to make net-friends and find part-time jobs through the internet. Some illegal online employer to ask for impatient teenagers to have unmoral deal.In my opinion, the teenagers should be very careful when find the part-time jobs, not just on the internet. Also, not to go out with net-friends incautiously. It is too dangerous to meet strangers through the unreal world.

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    …Liz撰寫: God, what an eye opener!This makes me wonder, is making friendships on the internet wrong? Or should we meet the old fashioned way? What a horrible way to die.12 月 16 日 Sam撰寫: I am really shocked when i heard this news.The murderer is very cruel, and it reflects that internet is not safe therefore we should use it carefully. When we are ask for ID card number or any thing which is vital to us, we should check that net before giving any information.5 月 18 日 *ally 撰寫: I think this news is really terrible .The girl is killed by a horrible method.After reading this news, I think we should make friend through the net carefully since people can play any roles as they like and we should not meet the net friend easily in the daily life.5 月 18 日 (沒有名稱) 撰寫: This is really scary thing that a girl was killed and dismembered by a cold-blooded murderer. This news reminds us that we should meet friends through the internet carefully, do not trusts the stranger easily, do to take drugs for no reasons. 6B cindy5 月 17 日 louria 撰寫: I think the murderer was very brutal and he had planned how to handle the body carefully. In my opinion, he is without humanity and he has a responsibililty to that girl. However, I think everyone in this murder case has the responsibility too. After this case, I agee to you that teenagers shoud learn to protect themselves all the time, especially meeting strangers though the NET.5 月 16 日 davy 撰寫: I am shocked by this terrific news.I can\’t believe what the cruel murderer did. This accident reminds us that it is a jeopardous way to meet net-strangers alone. On the other hand, everyone should avoid drug abuse, as you all know its harmful effects and it may be fatal.6B Davy5 月 13 日


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