Jolly, Chan Hoi Ning 6A (4)

This year’s peak flu season could last until the end of March. Tuen Mun Hospital has adopted special measure to try to handle a large number of patients.

From today, every patient goes to Tuen Mun Hospital had to have their temperature taken at the entrance of the emergency room. If patients are found to a designed registration counter where the hospital can speed up the registration process. Then they’ll be directed to a fever segregation area and wait for a doctor’s consultation. The hospital also speeds up the X-ray and pharmacy service to ensure that the whole treatment process is faster.

There is an outbreak of seasonal influenza in Hong Kong. In my opinion, the frontline doctors and nurses are excellent. They look after the patients day and night. Besides, the most important thing is we should take care of our health to avoid getting.

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Thirza 撰寫: Well, I think this year\’s flu season seems to the SARS in 2003.Very horrible!Many students are infected with the flu , we should eat more fruit to strengthen our power of resistance.Also, we need to wear a mask when we go to clinic or hospital.3 月 16 日 CHAUPING撰寫: This year\’ s peak flu is a disaster of Hong Kong. Although peak flu exists every year, this year\’ s peak flu seems more serious. 3 月 16 日


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