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Aurelia, Chan Cheuk Yan 6A (2)

Police have arrested 10 young people on suspicion of beating a cat to death with two wooden rods in Siu Sai Wan. A female cat was found dead in a drain when police arrived. They arrested 10 youths aged between 14 and 25and a 13-year-old girl. They were arrested for cruelty to animals. The offence carries a maximum penalty of three years’ imprisonment and $20000 fine.

After hearing such animal abuse case, I wonder why they could be so cruel to the cat. I think the cat was very poor and innocent. I think those offenders are very inhuman and they acted like barbarians. We all are educated. We know that animals also have their rights. Animals also have the right of living. Human beings are not superior than animals. So, apart from not hurting them, we should show our respect to them.

I really think that those offenders were very brutal. I hope that judges will judge them wrong and give them give them a lesson on violating the law.

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Tiffany(6A 21) 撰寫: I cannot understand why those offenders can do that. Some of my classmates really like cat. They treat the cats such as their babies.The 25-years-oldman did not stop the young people while they do this. This adult made me feel so disappointed. No one would accept what they do . I hope those offenders can introspect their behaviour . 3 月 17 日 cheungcandy撰寫: Candy 6a (7)I agree with you that those offenders were very brutal.I can\’t accept any reason that to do such behaviour!I think they should esteem all animals,because they also have life right!So,i hope the judges will judge them too.3 月 17 日 lineson ( ting chi ) 6A1 撰寫: This kind of behaviour is very curel . I think that kind of criminal should be concerned by the people. Imagine that if you are the pets , what\’s would you feel? Schools and parents should teach their students or children what\’s the positive attitude toward the pets is.3 月 17 日 KEIKO 6A (26) 撰寫: When i heard this piece of news, i was very suprised. It was very horrible that a cat is dead because of 10 young people beating the cat. I think that the cat also have its life. They are very boring as they beating the cat.I don\’t know why they can do such things to stop one\’s life. In this case, the youngest people was only 13-years-old,i think her parents should have responsibility to teach her for the right and wrong.Also , i think her parents should take care her more and talk to her.3 月 17 日 Jason Lam -6A (16) 撰寫: I am not totally agree with Karii\’s idea that the 25 years old man was \’drop outs\’ from school in his school years .I think the man is clueless because he had a bad life when he was young . He might make friend with the bad one. Now , he is the bad one in the team,and he leading the teenagers to do the same when he was young.3 月 17 日 kairi撰寫: How could the 25-year-old take the teenagers out and brutally kill the cat. Wasn\’t he out of his mind or something. I think he definitly deserves more than just 3 years in prison. He must be one of those \’drop outs\’ from school in his school years so he is now completely clueless and hopeless.3 月 12 日


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