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Hong Kong has entered the peak flu season, adding it is difficult to predict when the season will end.

To avoid the patients from influencing each other when they go to consult doctors, Tuen Mun Hospital has set up a diffluent registration counter for fever patients. Besides, they have a body temperature sensor area to take the body temperature of the patients and give them a mask to protect themselves.

The new measurement which is carried out by Tuen Mun Hospital to handle the peak flu season can minimize the time of patients when they consult doctors. Also, it has improved the inadequate sickroom problem. Both of the improvements are more comfortable for the patients.

The number of infected patients has increased, people should be more careful to avert the flu, especially children and the elderly. When you feel sick, for example, having fever, you should consult a doctor immediately. It is because the flu microbe might sometimes kill a life. We should protect ourselves and care the people around us.

Citizens should not worry or be afraid about flu. It is because the peak flu season will come every year in Hong Kong. We must take care of our health in our daily life so that we will not get sick easily.

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    CYRUS撰寫: Honestly,i am afraid about flu.Although peak flu season will come every year,but some people will compare the recent situation with the period of SARS.The number of infected patients has increased,we need to protect ourselves.Everyone take care!3 月 13 日 kairi撰寫: Quite a lot of students have been calling in sick recently. We should be more care during the flu peak season. We should build up our defence system by eating healthily and having enough rest. Be careful kids ^.^3 月 12 日


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