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Should the tax on tobacco be increased to discourage smokers?

There are many smokers in Hong Kong. When you are out in the streets, you will see anywhere that also has at least one smoker is smoking on the street.

Last year, the Government has banned smoking in many venues. However, the problem related to smoking outdoors has not been improved. Therefore, would the Government raising the tax on tobacco to discourage smokers?

In my opinion, raising the tax is an inefficient way, as people’s living standards improve, the cost of buying cigarettes will not be the great problem. Therefore, I would suggest that the Government follows the policy in Japan. In Japan, where people are not allowed to smoke in anywhere except in designated areas. I think this would be the most effective way of decreasing the smoking problem in Hong Kong.

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    "“ ` \’ SHINGRAY ,,* 撰寫: I also agree the Government should improve the educational policy to control this condition, however, education is only for long-term investment , we should also concentrate the problem that we are having. Although it is difficult to control, we also need a method to solve this. Therefore, increase the tax on tobacco or setup the designated areas is one of the short-term policies to solve the problem.5 月 18 日 ChowStanley撰寫: I agree that the government should increase the tax on tobacco to discourage the smoker. Nowsaday, many young HongKongers are the smokers because they can buy the tobacco after 18 years old and the cost of tobacco is not too expensive for them.5 月 18 日 Sam撰寫: I think it is a good way to solve the problem.However, it is not the best methodas some smokers may oppose this policy and have a protest against it.In my opinion, education is the best means to overcome this issue.5 月 18 日 kairi撰寫: smoking is difficult to be banned because such habit is so deep inside many smokers. i think even the tax on tabacoo is raised, the number of smokers would still more the less be the same. what the government needs to do is to educate the younger generations about the harmful effects of smoking. giving just occasional talks wouldnt help much because youngsters may not be able to see the whole picture behind somking. i think it is also the youngsters\’ responsibility to learn to be reasonable. some dont think much and follow their friends and their so-called\’ Dai Lo (big brother) to act \’cool\’. i slap on the face!!5 月 14 日


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