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From Monica 6B


Although the government announced the school closure on Wednesday night, some school stayed open on Thursday. It is because the school worried about some parents did not know the announcement or they cannot find the child care in a short time. Many people, especially the school principals and parents, blamed the government that they confused the parents, since the government had said the school would remain open on Wednesday earlier.


In my point of views, the government did wrongly in this case, because the school closure announcement was announced too late. Some parents had slept

before the news released, so they could not know about that. Also, even though they know the news, they could not find people or place for looking after their children in a short time. The government have responsibility to ensure all the parents know that, but they threw that responsibility to schools in this case. The government is very irresponsible.

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Jason Wong 撰寫: Though the closure announcement were released by the government are too late, the government is not absolutely irresponsible. If she did, it will not have this confusion. It is because the government did not worry about the spread of flu in those schools. Then she will not release the closure announcement. Is the confusion occurred when the government ignore the situation? No, but the worse situation will be occurred.We cannot say that the government is irresponsible in this incident, but we may say that, the government having the confused arrangement and the decision is made too late. It should be criticized. 3 月 23 日


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