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Jackie, Leung Ka Ching 6B(17)

The government’s report on health care funding was released. Six financing options are included in the proposal. They are social health insurance, out-of- pocket payments, medical savings accounts, voluntary private health insurance, mandatory private health insurance and personal health care reserve. The aim of the proposal is two fold: for one thing, it helps people saving money for medical use after they retire; for another, burden on future generations is reduced. Nevertheless, it will increase the burden on the middle class on the ground that it is an alternative form of taxation.

Thanks to the decline of birth rate, the ratio of workers to elderly is rising and the public health spending is increasing too. The six different options have different pros and cons. In my point of view, the voluntary health insurance scheme is the most viable. As medical insurance is very personal and family-based, residents can choose what they like. Over and above that, more choice of service can be chosen for the insured. Should the scheme be mandated, it will increase burden of taxpayers. Uneven distribution of income and wider income gap may be resulted.

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    mokmokmokmok0225撰寫: The HKD$50 billion shows the responsibility of the Hong Kong goverment.I think HK people need to save money for their retirement and medical services.HK\’s birth rate is the lowest in the world.All the countries are facing the problem of the aging of populaion.It is a big problem and is difficult to be solved.3 月 26 日 Wilson 撰寫: Undoubtedly, it is better for people to save money for their health expenses after they retire. However, for some grass-roots, they do not have spare money for medical use when they are old. Therefore, I believe the voluntary health insurance scheme,one of the options included in the proposal, isthe most accepted one.3 月 26 日 Helen Lau 撰寫: The new government\’s report had put a great effort on health caring.I think this is a very good attempt since the population\’s aging problem becomes serious in Hong Kong.The elderly need more health care. 6B Helen Lau3 月 22 日


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