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Zoe Cheung 6B(2)

My passage is about Chinese women marry to Japanese which aim to escape from their poor and harsh life. Many Japanese men cannot find a bride, especially the farmers and people live in rural area, since the Japanese women become much educated and have higher status, they are able to find a better job so the men in Japan is harder to find a wife. Therefore, they pay a lot of money to the matchmaking agents to find a wife. Women in China who live in northeast area are very poor, so they think that if they marry to Japanese can change their life and the living condition is much better in Japan. Unfortunately after marriage, life is not the same as they imagined, they have to take care of the mother/father-in-law and they have to spend most of their time to do the housework. Besides, they do not even know the language, so they can’t get any friends and they always feel lonely. Moreover, their husband had paid a lot for the marriage so he want a person who is absolutely obedient. Therefore, if the wives make mistakes, the women will be abused.

I think marriage should begin with love, your partner should be the one you love and understood. Marriage is not a kind of business, it should not base on money. If you and your partners do not have love, the relationship will be easily broken down and many problems rise. In this news, the women are poor and not educated, they cannot endure the difficult life so they make this business. They are forced by the environment and cannot hold their future. I feel sorry to them. Hope the government can spend fund to those remote area for education, so that the women can change their life by knowledge and prevent the tragedy happen again.

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    ChowStanley撰寫: I felt so sympathied for Chinese women. In China, the status of the lady is slighted. They cannot have the higher education and can be rung much poorly, so the Chinese women marry to Japanese. I agreed with Zoe. The marriage is began with love. The love ability can maintain both relations and everything can\’t replace. I wish that the Chinese women who married to Japanese have the happy life. D For Stanley 6B3 月 30 日 Eva Kwok 6B 撰寫: I think the Chinese women is too naive,because she think it is the one way to leave the poor and harsh life.If the husband is not your lover,the life is still unhappy.So love is very important in a matrimony.3 月 28 日 Nick 撰寫: I feel sorry to those women who marry to the Japanese, but I also think that it is the reality. Sometimes, there is no power for the people to control their destiny. So, I hope that the Chinese government can help them and avoid this to happen again.3 月 27 日


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