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Christina,Choi Wing Hung 6A

During the Easter holidays, many people visit other countries with their families in order to relax themselves. However, an Easter tragedy happened.

Four Hong Kong tourists, which all of the members are from the same family, were killed after their car crashed into another car in New Zealand on 21st March 2008.The sole survivor was in serious condition in hospital after losing her parents, husband and sister.

After I heard this piece of news, I was sympathized with the sole survivor because she has lost her family members. If the sole survivor was fully recoverd after the accidents,she would hardly sustain her lives as she has lost her family members.I am sad after I heard this piece of  news.I learn that we should cherish our family as they may accidentally leave us.I think the most important thing in my life is family because my parents always look after me .I hope all of you can cherish your parents.

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Ka Ching撰寫: I feel sorry about this piece of newsNo one can imagine that a wonerful Easter holidays would result in such tragedy.We cannot predict what will happen next minuntTherefore, we better treasure everything around us3 月 31 日 Likhang 撰寫: i felt totally sad after eadring this news , it is incalculable that having an accident in a trip.The sole survivor is extremely pitful as she was the only surviver.I hope she can enjoy her life later and become more brave.Although there is a sad new , i agree to go a trip on holiday because hong kong people have many stress,if they can release in their spare time, they will be more happy3 月 29 日 Timothy 撰寫: After I heart this piece of news, I felt so disappointed. It was a terrible accident !I think the sole survivor is especially pathetic because all of her family members died in the accident.I can\’t imagine how she lives alone later. She must suffer great pain. Thus, she needs her friends unlimited support to rercover quickly.Moreover, we should be careful all the time.3 月 28 日 Thirza 撰寫: I feel sorry to this piece of news.This family could enjoy the Easter holiday happily if the car crash did not happen.I cannot determine the sole survivor is lucky or not , it is because all of her family members died.Yes, we need to treasure our families and friends!3 月 26 日


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