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Kathy,Cheung Kam Fung 6A (6)

The first day of the Easter holiday, which means the usual flood of hundreds of thousands of people heading out of Hong Kong for the long weekend break.

Airport officials are predicting a record number of 900 fights and land border crossing are expected to be congested. The people said that they had to wait about 20 minute to check in and airlines opened up extra counters to accommodate the rush of people making the most of the four-day Easter break.

About 300 more fights have been added for the holiday period, with Taipei and Japan among the most popular destinations this year for local travelers.

Yes, holidays are the time for people who under different kinds of pressures like most Hong Kong citizen to have an opportunity to travel around. Should there be no any homework to do, I will go to travel as well

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Tracy Ip 撰寫: It is right that people go for a trip at Easter Holiday. Nowadays, people bear great pressure on studying and working, etc. So we should spend time on rest during the Easter holiday. We may even travel around the world to relax. There are too many wonderful places that we can enjoy in holiday. We can forget everythings in the trip included worry. I like travelling too.3 月 30 日 LIKHANG 撰寫: Mant people travel to other countries in the EASTER holiday,it reflects that hong know people want to ger a rest,in fact they have less time to get a rest except in a weekend.moreover, working in hong kong is very hard and busy,going outside can release the pressure and have more time with their parents,i totally agree to go a trip in the holiday.however, i can\’t go out as i have no time><3 月 29 日 mokmokmokmok0225撰寫: I think so many people like travelling to different places,such as Taiwan,Thailand and Japan.Only four days on Easter holiday are not enough for playing.If i have no homework to do, i will go to Taiwan or Thailand one more time.The food tastes good and the local people are so nice.I had a great holiday at that place before.3 月 26 日


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