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Chung Pui Man 6A 9

Health is important to us, so that we have to pay more attention of the medical insurance. Recently the government promoted health-care reforms for imprvoing the public medical care.
The govenment proposed a new primary-care structure, such as setting up a family doctor register and closer co-operation between the public and private sectors.This is very convenient for the relieve team in hospital when there are accidents.
Also the Personal Healthcare Reserve scheme that would require the working population to save 3 to 5 per cent of their salaries and use part of the money to buy mandatory medical insurance.This will efficiently raise the medical care.
I think that the health-care reform bring many benefits for us. It is because health is unpredictable, we have to stroe more medical insurance for saving our life.And also i agree the government planed to use HK$50 billion in the budget to help start up a medical care fund. All the health-care reforms are effectively.

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Ivan Kwok 6B 撰寫: I agree with you because health is the most important thing of a human.If we are sick, we can\’t do anything.So I think the policy would benefit a lot of people.3 月 30 日 Caspar Lau 6B(14) 撰寫: Caspar Lau 6B(14) In my point of view, building a foundation of medical insurance is vital as a success beginning is the half success. We hope that we can have a good medical system in Hong Kong. I support government new policy.3 月 30 日 Suki Sun 撰寫: Suki Sun 6A (25)I think that is right.Health is more important to us, so we need to keep our bodies strong.We need to have a balanced diet .3 月 27 日 CHAUPING撰寫: Pinky Shih 6AYes, I agree with you. Actually, the health-care reform brings many advantages for the public. For example, it increases gerneral awareness of health .3 月 26 日 CHAUPING撰寫: I agree with you! Health is important to us, so we must take care ourselves. 3 月 26 日


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