News Commenting

6A Vanessa Ho Sin Kei (10)

This piece of news is about the election of president Taiwan. Ma Ying Jeou of Kuomintang ( KMT ) won the election and become the new president of Taiwan. Taiwanese voted decisively yesterday to return full control of the island to the KMT, electing Ma Ying Jeou president eight years after the nationalists lost their grip on the levers of power. Some people are happy with this but some people are not. Mr. Ma promised that he will do his best in the following years. Moreover he and KMT do not support the independence of Taiwan and Mr. Ma said that he has no plan to visit China at this moment.

In my opinion, no matter who is the new president of Taiwan, the relationship with China is the most important issue. If a person who support the independence of Taiwan become the new president, a war between China and Taiwan may happen. I believed that nobody wants to have a war. Therefore I hope that the tension between China and Taiwan will be eased in the following years.

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    AUYEUNGhiu tung撰寫: I agree with Vanessa opinion too.The tension between Taiwan and China should be slove.No one in China,Taiwan and Hong Kong want to have a war.The bad events were already past, and we cannot change it.So, we should do our best now,and solve the problems between China and Taiwan.It is the most important and the good way for all the residents in China and Taiwan.3 月 27 日 manuen ching撰寫: I think that no people want to have a war between China and Taiwan in the future. There were many bad events happened between China and Taiwan in the past. However, we can\’t just look back, the followings are most important and meaningful.3 月 27 日


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