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Cyrus Li 6B

Recently, a tutorial class teacher who is twenty-eight hit his student and the student was hurt. The student was only ten years old. The teacher claimed that the child was naughty and had a bad result in study. So he could not control his emotion and then hit the boy. Some people said actually the teacher was a kind man. He always help different students to study. Also he had been a tutorial teacher for many years.

In my opinion, the teacher was not worth to be forgiven .The boy and his parents trusted him so that they employed him to be their teacher. But the teacher did not keep the trust. He hit the boy. If I was the parent of the boy, I would be very concern about my son. How do I know when is the next time? Moreover, being a teacher should know how to control his emotion. Since he is professional, he could not do such that thing. No one should hit another person. Right?

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    kairi 撰寫: hurting someone else is a wong deed. No one can hurt anyone no matter what the reason is.However, as i am also a teacher, (a tutorial school teacher, a school teacher = potato, potato) i sort of think that he wasnt all wrong. if he didnt care about the kid then there was no reason for him to become emotional in front of the kid. for me, if i dont care about someone, i wont even look at him/her. not to mention wasting my energy on hitting him/her. \’under the rod, come a dutiful son\’ vs \’spare the rod, spoil the child\’ =_= what do u think, Cyrus? ^^4 月 15 日 Ada 撰寫: In my opinion, the teacher is wrong. Whenever the students are naughty , he still has to control himself as he is a teacher , he do not have any right to hit his student.It is understandable that teachers have emotion but they should not work off on their student.Beating cannot do anything.4 月 15 日 dickson撰寫: In my opinion, the teacher may be very angry at that moment so he hit his naughty student as he can\’t control his emotion. I agree that being a teacher must control their emotion. But being a student also must not be naughty as it will hurt the teacher. Both of them are doing wrong in this case.4 月 8 日 Jason Wong 撰寫: The tutorial class teacher should be denounced by the society. The teacher claimed that the child was naughty and did not have good academic result, therefore he cannot control his emotion. Being an adult, he should not easily lose his control over emotion. Can you imagine what will happen, if everyone hit another in reason of cannot being control over emotion?4 月 6 日 MR. 11 @ THOMAS 撰寫: In my opinion, that guy is a crazy guy, I don\’t think a tutorial teacher should punish his student no matter physically or psychologically. Being a good tutorial teacher, he should be able to control his emotion, otherwise you will not be esteemed. Once he assailed his student, he is not trust worthing anymore. We are told that this person is an experienced tutor who has been a tutor for many years, how ridiculous!? The passage mentions that the reasons of hitting the student are on account of the child \’s mischief and his poor academic result, I think the reasons are non-sense! To conclude, I deem that the guy should be prosecuted.4 月 2 日


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