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Tracy Ip 6A 12

This piece of news is about The yuan’s advance against the Hong Kong dollar could trigger an economic downturn in Hong Kong.The yuan is strengthening and the US dollar is weakening and The Hong Kong economy is caught in between these two currencies.

We can see that in the past six months the prices of some consumer goods in Hong Kong have increased sharply.

The prices of imported mainland food will continue to rise and low-income families may be forced give up fresh meat, vegetables and fruit.

In my opinion,we have no other alternatives for importing these foods. It’s because Hong Kong is heavily dependent on China for imported food. I hope Hong kong government can set up plans to help poor families maintaining their daily life during this hard period .

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    Likhang 6a 5 撰寫: As the inflation is happening,HONG KONG market price has incresed rapidly.And government should control the price so that consumer will be happy!4 月 16 日 Tiffany 6A 21 撰寫: As the price of the goods increase , the poor families have to face harder condition than before. The government must help them , such as reducing the price of electricity .4 月 16 日 CYRUS撰寫: Cyrus 6AI agree with your opinion.That\’s why people say they are lucky to have a large reserve of YUAN!4 月 15 日 阿虹撰寫: ChristinaThe yuan\’s advance against the Hong Kong dollars will make the life of the poor families become more difficult . The prices of the imported food will continues to rise so i think the government should set up some plans to help the poor families because they need the help of the government.4 月 15 日 Jason Lam 6A 撰寫: It is too horrible for my family, because Yuan’s advance against the Hong Kong dollar, everything in Hong Kong had increased in a rapid rate in the past few months. This is a harsh punishment for my family. Also, because of the Yuan’s advance against the Hong Kong dollar, my pocket money is decreased in the same rate. 4 月 15 日 manki撰寫: monkey 6AWhen I watch this news, I am very agree your opinion. everything has high prices recently. this is a big problem for our society because there are too many poor families in Hong Kong. They may cannot handle this chane and the high expenditure.4 月 15 日


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