News Commenting

6A Rave Lam(15)

Recently,the nursing council which associated by the Hong Kong Institute of Technology,was failed to obtain professional accreditation from the Nursing Council,after three years of operation.The institute Principal Shi Mei-chun claimed that,if the institute was successful to get accreditation,this would intensify competition for students among other institutions.The Nursing Council said the institute has submitted petitions for overruling the rejection but they didn’t change the decision since there were not any improvements in the program.
I think the graduates of The Hong Kong Institute of Technology are poor.They have to pay about $130000 in these three years but it is more a loss than gain.My friend is studying in the first year in the course and he is worrying about his future.I hope the government can make arrangement for them quickly.

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One Response to News Commenting

  1. JCCSS 說道:

    kairi撰寫: i would be really annoyed knowing that i would not be graduating after paying for so much for the course. i mean, who can we blame? the government is always the one to be fired at. Com\’on!!! dont waste Hong Kong people\’s time and start working! If you have followed the radio programme in the recent mornings about this issue, i think the government is really useless. 5 月 14 日


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