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Kwan 6A(13)

In August, Beijing will held The Olympic Games. It is the first time China held the Olympic Games .The relay of Olympic torch is a traditional Olympic event. And the relay of Olympic torch has been started in March from Greece. However, this year ‘s relay of Olympic torch has many troubles. London and Paris were the foreign station of the relay of Olympic torch but there were some people who supported to free Tibet to obstruct the relay of Olympic torch. They opposed the Chinese government and protested the relay of Olympic torch. These people even tried to put out the Olympic fire.

For me , I dislike their behaviours. And I am not accept their actions too. As the Olympic Games held only once in four years, they should not destroy it. All people should enjoy the Olympic Games .These people should concern the Tibet problem by using another ways not boycott the Olympic Games as well. The torch will arrive in Hong Kong on May 2. I hope the relay of Olympic torch will be successful. No one will disturb the relay on that day.

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  1. JCCSS 說道:

    JOLLY 6a 4 撰寫: Although i don\’ like sports,Olympic games is a big events in the world,i am very excited that HONG KONG can held part of the games,if i have time,i want to go to BEIJING.4 月 16 日 Tiffany 6A 21 撰寫: In my opinion ,it should not mix the Olympic with political issuse together. I think the people who support to free Tibet are unreasonable.I hope that the Olympic Game can be held favorably.It should be judicious to remain silent if you are neither support nor against to hold the Olympic Game.4 月 16 日 chanhoi ki撰寫: all people should respect to the Olympic Games. if they boycott the Olympic Game, it means that they boycott all the chinese.i won\’t accept their action until they apologize to all the chinese.4 月 16 日 Man Man 撰寫: Yes , you are right . I also don\’t like their actions .As you point out the Olympic Games hold once in four years ,they should not destroy it, That is also my feelings. You know, the Olympic Games is a competition for different countries to participate ,which is not a type of political affairs.Therefore, every country should respects and treasures it .4 月 15 日 阿虹撰寫: Christina I think the people should not boycott the Olympics Games because it is a big event of Beijing . It is the first time China held the Olympics Games so i think the people should respect the Olympics Games. The people should not destroy the relay of Olympics torch in order to express their feeling.This behaviour cannot slove the Tibet problem.4 月 15 日 CYRUS撰寫: 6A CyrusI wonder why they can behave in this way.Their actions are not acceptable.Think deeply,many people in the world would like ton enjoy the Olympic Games,so we have to against the people who want to disturb the events.4 月 15 日 Ada 撰寫: I think the Olympic Games is an international event and it shouldn\’t be link with the affairs of the independence of Tibet.Olympic Games is an event to show harmony between nations so it shouldn\’t be affected by any individual affairs.Recently, some of the countries\’ leaders claimed that they will boycott the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic, what are their purpose?Everyone should respect the Beijing Olympic, it is not a political affair!4 月 15 日 hosin kei撰寫: VanessaI think the people who support the independence of Tibet should not mix the Olympics and political issue together. Moreover the presidents of every country should not boycott our Beijing Olympic. Tibet is a part of China and this is an affair of China only. Other countries should respect China.4 月 15 日 manuen ching撰寫: Ching(6A)In my opinion, I hate the people who are supported to free Tibet. The relay of Olympics torch is an important event before the start of the Olympics game. Everyone should be respectful. I am waiting the torch arrive at Hong Kong. I think that people in Hong Kong are also have to respect the relay of the torch. 4 月 15 日 Caspar Lau 撰寫: In this relay, the flame of the Olympic touch was put out four times due to the security reason . The Olympic Game is symbolizes peace , no matter what reason the Tibetan should not disturb the running of relay. I hope Tibetan can respect the the Olympic Games as the relay of Olympic Game can be run more fluently with their cooperation. Furthermore, The foreign countries should not boycott Olympic Game either since the Tibet problems does not related to the Olympic Games.The Olympic Games is the world events. not only China! I am looking forward to see the relay can be run successfully in Hong Kong.4 月 10 日


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